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Cricket Wireless Offering Bill Credits For Making The Switch

Cricket Wireless Bill Switcher Credit
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Cricket Wireless is offering a bill switcher credit to those who make the switch to its network by July 14, 2016.  Those that do will receive a $50 bill credit, and if you bring your own phone you'll receive an additional $35 bill credit.

The fine print states that the offer is for new service lines only, and requires porting in an eligible number from a carrier other than AT&T.  Basic phones are excluded from the promotion.

In order to get the credit, subscribers must have active service and be in good standing for 45 days.  If all requirements are met, customers will get their accounts credited within 60 days after activation.

Switching to Cricket will require you to pay an activation fee of up to $25 per line as well as $9.99 for a SIM card kit.  SIM card kits are currently available at a small discount for $7.00 courtesy of Walmart.

Cricket Wireless currently offers 4 cell phone plans priced as follows:

Plan NameInternational TextDataData and Unlimited Talk & Text to and from Mexico, Canada and the U.S
Basic $35No2.5 GBNo
Smart $45Yes5 GBYes
Pro $55Yes10 GBYes
Unlimited $65YesUnlimitedYes

All Cricket Wireless plans include unlimited talk and text, with taxes and fees included.  Prices shown in the table include a $5 autopay credit.  International texting is available to over 38 countries.  Download speeds are limited to 8 Mbps in LTE but there are no speed restrictions on upload speeds.

Multiple line discounts are available but do not come with autopay discounts.  Multiple line discounts are priced as follows:

  • 2 lines, $10 off the 2nd line
  • 3 lines, $20 off the 3rd line
  • 4 lines, $30 off the 4th line
  • 5 lines, $40 off off the 5th line

The discounts are cumulative so that if you have 3 lines, line 2 will still be $10 off and line 3 will get $20 off for a total savings of $30.

Cricket Wireless plans and phones are available for purchase directly from Cricket, but also from Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy.

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