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Cricket Wireless Expands International Calling to 9 New Countries and Unlimited Talk and Text to and from the USA and Canada

By Joe Paonessa – Aug 24, 2015
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ATT owned Cricket Wireless announced today that it has expanded it's international calling options to include nine new countries when dialing from the USA and while on a Cricket Smart or Pro plan which include either 5 GB or 10 GB of 4G LTE ((download speeds capped at 8 Mbps)) data respectively.  For an additional $10-$15 a month customers will have the ability to place with various amounts of minutes, mobile to landline or mobile to mobile calls with unlimited text and MMS.

The new international call to countries with their add on cost include:

  1. Dominican Republic $10 100 minutes
  2. Colombia $10 150 minutes
  3. Costa Rica $10 100 minutes
  4. El Salvador $15 60 minutes
  5. Honduras $15 60 minutes
  6. Guatemala $15 70 minutes
  7. Jamiaca $15 40 minutes
  8. Haiti $15 40 minutes
  9. Nicaragua $15 40 minutes

Unlimited calling and texting between the USA and Canada, and Canada and the USA is also now included with Cricket's $50 Smart and $60 Pro plans.

Customers can save $5/month on each plan by enrolling in auto pay.  Unlimited international SMS is also available with each plan from the USA to 38 countries as is roaming in Mexico at no additional charge.

All in all I'm not particularly impressed with Cricket's new international calling features outside of roaming in the USA and Canada.  Other MVNOs, such as AirVoice Wireless and LycaMobile offer far cheaper international calling options to name a couple.



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