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ATT News

ATT Prepaid Annual Plan Now Sold At Target With Prominent Advertising On Display (Photo Via Wave7 Research)

AT&T Prepaid Is Putting Big Emphasis On Annual Plan

Joe Paonessa - Mar 31, 2021
In the summer of 2019, AT&T Prepaid launched an annual plan with 8GB of monthly data priced at $300 or $25/month averaged out. It was supposed to be a limited-time promotional offering. The plan never went away. A new report just issued by the firm Wave7 Research to its subscribers
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ATT Prepaid Updates Walmart Exclusive Offers In Time For Tax Season

AT&T Prepaid & Cricket Wireless Tax Season Promos Are Out, Cricket’s Has Free Phones

Joe Paonessa - Feb 2, 2021
Tax season will be here soon and with that wireless providers will come out with new sets of promotional offers. The first set of offers have begun to trickle out from both AT&T Prepaid and Cricket Wireless. Both providers are offering discounts on the Samsung Galaxy A01 and the iPhone
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ATT Prepaid Has New And Updated Data Only Plans

AT&T Prepaid Updates & Adds New Data Only Plans Including $25 20GB Plan

Joe Paonessa - Feb 1, 2021
AT&T has updated its prepaid data-only plans. Some new plans were added and others got updated. One plan has been discontinued. Let’s take a look. Discontinued Plan Replaced By $300 Annual Plan The biggest change among all of AT&T Prepaid’s data-only plans is at the $25 price point. An offering
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Get Up To 50% Off Select AT&T Prepaid Android Phones

AT&T Prepaid Deals Include $149.99 iPhone SE And $57.49 Samsung A01

Joe Paonessa - Jan 19, 2021
AT&T has several prepaid phone deals running. Some may be relatively new, while others have been on-going for a while. Highlighted deals include an in-store only offer of a $149.99 iPhone SE and an offer for a Samsung A01 for $57.49 that is available both in-stores and online. iPhone SE
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ATT Prepaid Appears To Have Eliminated A Couple Of Plans To Start 2021

AT&T Prepaid Appears To Have Started 2021 By Discontinuing A Couple Of Plans

Joe Paonessa - Jan 1, 2021
It’s a new calendar year, and that means a new year of phone plan updates to look forward to. AT&T Prepaid may be the first provider out of the gate to have updated its plans for 2021. Looking over AT&T Prepaid’s plans today, I noticed a couple are no longer
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AT&T Prepaid Has Improved Its Plans

AT&T Prepaid Offers New Plans With More Data Starting At 5GB For $30

Joe Paonessa - Nov 20, 2020
AT&T Prepaid has had a very productive year as far as plan updates and offers are concerned. Throughout the year AT&T Prepaid made a much bigger push into the multi-month discount plan market, a space that has mostly been dominated by MVNO providers. Three and 6-month multi-month discount plans were
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AT&T And Cricket Wireless Near Empty Display Racks At Best Buy (Photo Via Wave7 Research)

AT&T Prepaid And Cricket Wireless Are Pulling Out Of Best Buy

Joe Paonessa - Oct 27, 2020
AT&T Prepaid and Cricket Wireless appear to be leaving Best Buy stores. Over the last several weeks, analysts from the firm Wave7 Research noticed inventory of both brands dwindling in stores across several states. Signage advertising each brand has been also taken down. Online checks of several zip codes also
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AT&T Prepaid New 6 Month Discount Plan Offer

AT&T Prepaid Adds Another Multi-Month Discount Plan, Get 6 Months With 8GB Of Data For $180

Joe Paonessa - Jul 11, 2020
AT&T Prepaid has recently been making a hard push into the multi-month plan market. The market has been pioneered and dominated by MVNOs such as Mint Mobile and Tracfone. But AT&T is the first major carrier to make a big play in the space. Last year, AT&T Prepaid launched its
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AT&T Store Located In Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City, NJ

AT&T Takes A Turn At Eliminating Thousands Of Jobs

Joe Paonessa - Jun 17, 2020
T-Mobile has received a lot of negative attention over the last several months for reducing its workforce. Now it’s AT&T’s turn. According to a report from Reuters, over the next few weeks, AT&T plans to cut more than 3,400 technician and clerical jobs across the country. AT&T confirmed the job
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AT&T Prepaid Has New 3-Month Discount Plan Offer

AT&T Prepaid Has A New 8GB 3-Month Discount Plan For $33/Month

Joe Paonessa - Jun 10, 2020
AT&T Prepaid continues to push into the multi-month plan market. Last summer the brand launched an annual plan for $25/month plus tax that included 8GB of monthly high-speed data. Just a few weeks ago a dealer exclusive 3-month plan was announced. That plan has an average cost of $40/month and
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There's A New $40 Dealer Exclusive Plan From AT&T Prepaid

AT&T Prepaid Has A New $40 Plan With 12GB Of Data

Joe Paonessa - May 30, 2020
AT&T Prepaid has launched a new $40 plan with 12GB of high-speed data, but it’s filled with caveats. Let’s take a look. AT&T Prepaid’s New $40 Plan Offer Fine Print The plan does include unlimited everything, although data speeds slow to 2G or about 128Kbps once the high-speed data allotment
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AT&T Prepaid Updates $35 Plan And Phone Promos

AT&T Prepaid Has New Offers Out Including Updated $35 Plan, Now With 2GB Of High-Speed Data

Joe Paonessa - May 19, 2020
AT&T Prepaid has rolled out some new offers, including an update to the provider’s $35 phone plan, “BridgePay,” and some new device promos. New device promos are available on select Android phone models and the iPhone 6s. The iPhone SE 2020 continues to be offered for $349.99. The $35 Plan
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AT&T Prepaid $25 Auto-pay Discount On $75 Unlimited Plan

AT&T Prepaid’s Best Unlimited Plan Is $25 Off, Plus Refer A Friend Get $25 Account Credit

Joe Paonessa - Apr 10, 2020
AT&T has some new prepaid wireless offers out.  Customers who refer a friend to A&T Prepaid will receive a $25 account credit while their friend will receive a $75 account credit.  AT&T Prepaid’s $75 top unlimited data plan is also discounted by its largest amount ever when auto-pay billing is
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AT&T Prepaid And Cricket Wireless Offer $15 Phone Plan

AT&T Is The First To Respond To T-Mobile With A 2GB $15/Month Plan

Joe Paonessa - Mar 26, 2020
Yesterday, T-Mobile officially launched a prepaid plan with unlimited talk and text and 2GB of hard capped data for $15/month.  A similar plan is being temporarily offered on Metro-By-T-Mobile as well.  Today, AT&T has responded with offers of its own.  Starting on March 27th, AT&T Prepaid will offer an unlimited
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BestMVNO's Gilbert Lopez Spotted AT&T Prepaid iPhone 7 For $99 At Local Area Walmart

AT&T Prepaid Walmart Exclusive Promo Is An iPhone 7 For $99

Joe Paonessa - Feb 5, 2020
It looks like the iPhone 7 is going to be the device that prepaid providers push hard this season.  Metro and Boost Mobile are already doing it by offering the phone for $99 and $29.99 respectively to new customers.  Now AT&T Prepaid has joined the mix through an exclusive “only
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