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AT&T Prepaid Launches New Plan With 3Mbps Speed Cap
AT&T Prepaid’s New $40 Plan With A 3Mbps Speed Cap Is A Peculiar Throwback
Joe Paonessa - Jan 14, 2024
AT&T Prepaid has launched a new wireless plan and it is a peculiar throwback to the past with a 3Mbps speed cap. The new plan is priced at $50/month or $40/month with autopay billing. It includes unlimited talk, text, and data. The first 30GB of data consumed in a monthly
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ATT Prepaid Display At A Local Area Target
AT&T Prepaid Launches $75 Unlimited Max Plus Plan, Double Data Offer On $33/Month 3-Month Plan
Joe Paonessa - Aug 30, 2023
In June, BestMVNO reported that AT&T Prepaid updated its flagship plan, “Unlimited Max,” to include 50GB of priority data up from 22GB as well as 25GB of mobile hotspot up from 10GB. The plan also got a price increase to $55/month after autopay ($65 w/o) up from $50/month. Now AT&T
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AT&T Prepaid Unlimited Max Plan As Seen At Target In November 2022
AT&T Prepaid Updates “Unlimited Max” Plan With More Priority Data & Hotspot
Joe Paonessa - Jun 7, 2023
AT&T Prepaid has made some changes to its unlimited plans. The most significant changes come with its $65/month flagship plan, Unlimited Max. The plan has been updated to include 50GB of priority data, an increase from 22GB. This means if a subscriber uses more than 50GB of data in a
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Walmart Display Of AT&T Prepaid Deals (Photo via Wave7 Re
AT&T Prepaid Deals Include Free Moto G Play/Pure, Adds 5G For All
Joe Paonessa - Nov 7, 2022
AT&T Prepaid has launched some new in-store only deals headlined by a free Motorola Moto G Play and a free Motorola Moto G PURE. The provider has also enabled 5G network access for all of its prepaid plans. Previously, 5G network access was restricted to its unlimited high-speed data plans.
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AT&T Prepaid Fall 2022 Phone Deals
AT&T Prepaid’s First Fall 2022 Deals Include Long Running $19.99 Moto G Play
Joe Paonessa - Sep 26, 2022
AT&T Prepaid’s first fall season phone deals are out. There are in-store only offers and online deals. Many deals remain largely the same as AT&T Prepaid’s spring deals such as a port-in offer of a $19.99 Motorola Moto G Play. BestMVNO first reported this as an in-store offer back in
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AT&T Prepaid Raises Price Of Flagship Hotspot Plan
AT&T Prepaid Increases Price Of Hotspot, 100GB Now $90/Mo
Joe Paonessa - Jun 22, 2022
AT&T Prepaid has increased the pricing on one of its hotspot/tablet plans. AT&T Prepaid’s flagship hotspot/tablet plan now costs $90/mo plus taxes and fees for 100GB of data at up to 5G data speeds. Previously this plan was just $55/mo. So this is a monstrous rate hike, to say the
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ATT Prepaid $50 Unlimited Max Walmart No AutoPay Required
AT&T Prepaid Increases Price Of Unlimited Max Plan To $50/Mo At Walmart
Joe Paonessa - Jun 16, 2022
In January of this year, AT&T Prepaid basically renamed its flagship unlimited plan to Unlimited Max and made it available at a huge discount exclusively through Walmart. Walmart shoppers who purchased an AT&T Prepaid phone and activated on the Unlimited Max plan in-store could get it for $45/month when they
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ATT Prepaid Double Data Annual Plan Offer
AT&T Prepaid Offering Double Data On Annual Plan, Get 16GB For $25/Month
Joe Paonessa - Jun 16, 2022
AT&T Prepaid is now offering double data on its $300 plus taxes and fees ($25/mo average cost) annual plan. Customers on the plan will now get 16GB of high-speed data instead of 8GB before throttling to 2G data speeds. This limited-time offer was released just a few days ago. AT&T
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ATT Prepaid $50 Unlimited Plan No AutoPay Required
AT&T Prepaid Has $50 Unlimited Plan That Doesn’t Require AutoPay
Joe Paonessa - Jun 2, 2022
AT&T Prepaid has a new offer out available exclusively through its dealer channel. Customers can now get AT&T Prepaid’s $65/month Unlimited high-speed data plan for $50/month without the need for autopay billing to be enabled. Normally, customers can only get the plan for $50/month when they turn on autopay billing.
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ATT Prepaid In Store Offer $19.99 Moto G Play
AT&T Prepaid’s Latest Deals Include $19.99 Motorola Moto G Play
Joe Paonessa - May 18, 2022
AT&T Prepaid’s latest phone deals include an offer for a Motorola Moto G Play for $19.99. AT&T Prepaid has in-store only promos and online promos. The $19.99 Moto G Play deal is an in-store only offer. Online, it’s available for $59.99 with the purchase of a monthly plan. The phone
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AT&T Prepaid Cricket Wireless Target Deals Valid 4/24/2022 To 5/7/2022
Target’s Latest Prepaid Phone Deals Include $25 Off AT&T Prepaid And Cricket Wireless
Joe Paonessa - Apr 26, 2022
Last week, BestMVNO reported that Target prematurely leaked four upcoming prepaid phone deals starting the week of 4/24/2022. The deals included $25 off prepaid phones from AT&T Prepaid and Cricket Wireless. Now, with the week upon us, all deals are out. Target is offering $25 off more than a dozen
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Get AT&T 3G Phone Temporarily Working Again
Your 3G/Non-Whitelisted Phone May Temporarily Work On AT&T Again, Here’s How
Joe Paonessa - Apr 9, 2022
At the end of February, AT&T began to shut down its legacy 3G network. The shutdown has been nothing short of a complete disaster. It was supposed to mark the end of 3G-only devices working properly on the network. It was also supposed to kill off phones that lacked VoLTE
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New Prepaid Phones Now Available At Target And At A Discount With Plan Purchase
New To Target Prepaid Phones This Week Are $20 Off Or Come With $20 Gift Cards
Stephen Vicinanza - Apr 3, 2022
Target is offering $20 off select AT&T Prepaid phones. Also, they are offering a different deal to get a $20 Target gift card with the purchase of select prepaid phones from Simple Mobile, Total Wireless, Tracfone, and Cricket Wireless. The offers are for new customers. Get $20 Off Select AT&T
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Target Has Gift Card Offers With Phone Purchases
Target Is Offering Gift Cards With The Purchase of SIM Cards And Phones 
Stephen Vicinanza - Mar 31, 2022
Target is running a deal where you buy a SIM card from select providers and in-store activate the service and receive a gift card of $50 or $75. The deal is for bring your own phone switchers. Target also has some long-running and ongoing offers for Target gift cards with
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AT&T Prepaid Tax Season 2022 Offers
AT&T Prepaid’s Tax Season 2022 Offers Include $299 iPhone 11 At Walmart
Joe Paonessa - Mar 11, 2022
AT&T Prepaid offers wireless prepaid phone deals through different retail venues. And with tax season well underway, you’re likely wondering what prepaid phones are available at a discount, where you can find them, and what these deals entail.  In this article, you’ll find plenty of information on deals offered by
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