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Unreal Mobile News

Unreal Mobile October 2021 Promo

New Unreal Mobile Plan And Promos Include 50GB For $50 For 3-Months

Joe Paonessa - Oct 5, 2021
Unreal Mobile has come out with a new plan and promos. There’s a new plan with 50GB of high-speed data. There are also offers of buy 1-month get 2-months free on most Unreal Mobile plans. Let’s take a closer look. Unreal Mobile’s New 50GB Plan Explained Unreal Mobile has a
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Unreal Mobile Offering 3 Months For Price Of 1

Unreal Mobile Offering 3-Months For Price Of 1, Get 12GB For $10

Joe Paonessa - Sep 8, 2021
Unreal Mobile is currently offering a promo that gives new customers 3-months of wireless service for the price of one. So for an average cost of just $10/month you can get a plan with 12GB of high-speed data. Update 9/10/21: Unfortunately, this promo has come to an end. Here is what you
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Unreal Mobile Has A New Plan And Network Partner

Unreal Mobile Updates Plans, Now Offers Service On T-Mobile

Joe Paonessa - Nov 28, 2020
About a year and a half ago Red Pocket Mobile acquired the FreedomPop and Unreal Mobile brands from STS Media. One of the first moves Red Pocket made after purchasing Unreal Mobile was to drop the requirement that basic voice services be provided through an app with the use of
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Unreal Mobile Memorial Day Weekend 2020 Sale

Unreal Mobile Memorial Day Weekend Deal, Get 3-Months For Price Of 1

Joe Paonessa - May 23, 2020
Unreal Mobile has launched a Memorial Day Weekend Sale. New and eligible existing subscribers can get 3-months of service for the price of 1. Pricing starts at just $5/month for 3-months of service for a plan that features unlimited talk, text, and 3GB of high-speed data every 30 days. Unreal
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Unreal Mobile Phone Service Now Comes With Premium Voice Calling

Unreal Mobile Now Offering Premium Voice Service At No Extra Charge

Joe Paonessa - Feb 24, 2020
After a reader inquiry, BestMVNO has learned that Unreal Mobile is now offering premium voice service with its wireless plans.  The move was confirmed to BestMVNO by representatives from Red Pocket Mobile.  Unreal Mobile and Freedompop were purchased by Red Pocket Mobile last summer and this is the first major
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Unreal Mobile Plans Are On Sale For Twenty Percent Off At Best Buy

Unreal Mobile Multi-Month Plans Are 20% Off At Best Buy, Get 5GB Data For $16/Month

Joe Paonessa - Mar 4, 2019
Best Buy is currently offering a nice discount on Unreal Mobile’s multi-month plans.  Shoppers can get 20% off on the purchase of one of three available plans.  Perhaps the best deal is a 3-month unlimited talk, text, and data plan where the first 5GB of data each month is at
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UNREAL Mobile Is Coming To A Best Buy And Target Near You

Joe Paonessa - Oct 23, 2018
A reader comment alerted BestMVNO that UNREAL Mobile is now available online at Best Buy.  UNREAL Mobile confirmed to BestMVNO that their SIM cards and devices will also soon be available in stores at both Best Buy and Target.  A launch at Amazon is also pending with inventory for a GSM
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UNREAL Mobile Now Offering Multi-Month Plans, Get 5GB Data For $20/Month

UNREAL Mobile Offering Unlimited Talk, Text 5GB LTE Data For $20/Month

Joe Paonessa - Oct 16, 2018
UNREAL Mobile has launched a couple of new plans.  The new plans are multi-month plans available on the MVNO’s GSM partner network, AT&T.  The BestMVNO featured plan includes unlimited talk, text and data with the first 5GB at 4G LTE data speeds for an average cost of $20/month.  An unlimited
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UNREAL Mobile Launches Free Trial Offers

UNREAL Mobile Offering Free Trial Of Phone Plans With 5GB Of Data

Joe Paonessa - Sep 6, 2018
UNREAL Mobile has launched two new promotions.  Both promotions are advertised as giving customers a 14 day free trial of service that includes unlimited talk, text and data with the first 5GB of data at 4G LTE speeds.  One promotion is for service on the Sprint network, the other is
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UNREAL Mobile Now Available On The AT&T Network

UNREAL Mobile Adds AT&T As MVNO Partner, Featuring Unlimited Talk, Text And 1GB Data For $10/Month

Joe Paonessa - Sep 6, 2018
UNREAL Mobile launched just a few months ago as an MVNO on the Sprint network.  Plans started at $10/month for unlimited talk, text and data with the first 1GB at 4G LTE data speeds. Today the FreedomPop owned brand announced that it can now offer the same plans with the
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Unreal Mobile Announces Mobile Hotspot Plans

UNREAL Mobile Announces Addition Of WiFi Hotspot Plans Starting At $8/Month

Joe Paonessa - Aug 8, 2018
UNREAL Mobile announced the addition of mobile hotspot plans to its lineup.  The new plans start at $8/month and require the purchase of a $20 mobile hotspot device. UNREAL Mobile’s New Hotspot Plans UNREAL Mobile’s hotspot plans start at $8/month for 2GB of 4G LTE data when you pay for
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UNREAL Mobile Launches BYOD Free Trial Promo

UNREAL Mobile Offering Free Trial With 3GB Of 4G LTE Data And Free Activation

Joe Paonessa - Jul 12, 2018
Recently launched UNREAL Mobile has just announced its first true promotion aimed at bring your own device customers.  The promotion gives new customers a 14 day free trial of service with unlimited talk, text and data with the first 3GB at high speeds.  It’s also waiving activation fees. Offer Fine
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Unreal Mobile Has Launched

Unreal Mobile Officially Launches With Unlimited Plans Starting At $10/Month

Joe Paonessa - Jun 20, 2018
A few weeks ago news broke that FreedomPop would be a launching a new wireless brand called Unreal Mobile.  Today, Unreal Mobile’s launch is official and the brand is ready to take on subscribers. The Story Behind Unreal Mobile Unreal Mobile is largely the product of Samantha Lewe.  Lewe began
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FreedomPop Launching New MVNO Brand Unreal Mobile

FreedomPop Launching New MVNO “Unreal Mobile” That Will Feature Unlimited Data Plans

Joe Paonessa - May 23, 2018
FreedomPop announced today that it will be firing up a new MVNO brand called Unreal Mobile.  The idea behind Unreal Mobile is to give FreedomPop a premium brand that can compete against T-Mobile and Sprint.  The new brand will offer unlimited data plans starting at $15/month. Unreal Mobile Service And
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