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UNREAL Mobile Offering Free Trial Of Phone Plans With 5GB Of Data

UNREAL Mobile Launches Free Trial Offers
UNREAL Mobile Launches Free Trial Offers
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UNREAL Mobile has launched two new promotions.  Both promotions are advertised as giving customers a 14 day free trial of service that includes unlimited talk, text and data with the first 5GB of data at 4G LTE speeds.  One promotion is for service on the Sprint network, the other is for service on their newly launched AT&T partner network.

Free UNREAL Mobile Sprint Trial Offer Explained

UNREAL Mobile's free offer on the Sprint network is for customers that already have their own phone.  Those that do will get the following:

  • Unlimited talk, text and data with 5GB at LTE speed, valued at $30/month, free for 14 days
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • VPN to encrypt your cellular internet connection for privacy
  • Data rollover, up to 500MB of unused data can be rolled over per billing cycle
  • Ad blocker
  • Plan loyalty bonus after 3 months - get an additional 10% more data added to your plan.  Your plan will renew with the new bonus data allotment every month.  Stick with this plan and you'll get 5.5GB of data after month 4 and beyond.

The plan also Includes calling and texting over a cellular network, no VoIP is needed.  VoIP can however be used when the cellular network is unavailable by downloading UNREAL Mobile's app from the app store appropriate for your phone.

UNREAL Mobile is charging a 1 cent activation fee for the free trial plan.  The MVNO also says it may charge a temporary $30 payment to your credit card to ensure funds and prevent fraud.  The $30 charge will immediately be removed upon verification.

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Free UNREAL Mobile AT&T Trial Offer Explained

At the moment UNREAL Mobile does not have any phones available for purchase that are compatible with the AT&T network.  So customers will have to have one of their own to bring over for the free trial.  Unlocked T-Mobile phones are also compatible.

The AT&T based UNREAL Mobile free trial includes all of the same things that the Sprint based offer does with just a couple of differences, and they are big.

The AT&T based plans will require you to use UNREAL Mobile's app to place phone calls and text messages.  Phone calls are VoIP based, not over a cellular voice network.  Although UNREAL Mobile is advertising this as a free trial offer, it really isn't.  UNREAL Mobile is charging $4.99 for a SIM card and $6.99 to ship it.  So to get the free trial offer, you'll end up paying $11.98.  The company says the SIM card will be regularly sold for $15.

Besides those differences, everything else is the same between the offers.  Both phone plans will regularly cost $30/month and include lifetime loyalty bonus data after 3 months.

Get UNREAL Mobile On ATT  


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