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UNREAL Mobile Offering Free Trial With 3GB Of 4G LTE Data And Free Activation

UNREAL Mobile Launches BYOD Free Trial Promo
UNREAL Mobile Launches BYOD Free Trial Promo
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Recently launched UNREAL Mobile has just announced its first true promotion aimed at bring your own device customers.  The promotion gives new customers a 14 day free trial of service with unlimited talk, text and data with the first 3GB at high speeds.  It's also waiving activation fees.

Offer Fine Print

The UNREAL Mobile website says free activation is available today, 7/12/18, only.  However, I'm told the free activation and free trial offer should be available at least for the rest of the week.  When the company officially began signing up subscribers a few weeks ago, at least one customer reported no activation fees at signup.  I'm told the normal activation fee is going to be $20.

UNREAL Mobile's unlimited plan with 3GB of data will normally be priced at $20/month but for a limited time it is available with a 14 day free trial.  It's a pretty cheap plan compared to other pay by the month plans out there.  At the moment the 3GB plan is not even listed on the UNREAL website and is only available through this special offer.

UNREAL Mobile plans come with true cellular voice.  There's no VoIP app required to make or receive calls, although one is available for use to make calls over WiFi if need be.

This plan also includes data rollover and a customer loyalty bonus.  The loyalty bonus sounds somewhat similar to Boost Mobile's growing data plans which were offered several years ago.   If you stay subscribed to UNREAL Mobile for 3 months you'll get bonus data equivalent to 10% of your plans allotment.  In this case, after 3 months of service you'll receive an extra 300MB of high speed data to use.  From what the company emailed me, it also seems like every month thereafter, UNREAL Mobile will award you with an additional data allotment of 10%.  I've reached out to a company contact for clarification on this.

The company's phone plans also include data encryption and privacy protections to keep your web browsing away from unwanted snooping eyes.

To take advantage of this offer you simply need a Sprint compatible LTE phone.  It must be out of contract and paid off in full with no other financial obligations on it.

More About UNREAL Mobile

UNREAL Mobile is owned by FreedomPop.  FreedomPop is using the brand as its premium platform.  It operates as an MVNO on the Sprint network.  Plans start at just $10/month for unlimited everything with 1GB of high speed data.

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