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UNREAL Mobile Announces Addition Of WiFi Hotspot Plans Starting At $8/Month

Unreal Mobile Announces Mobile Hotspot Plans
Unreal Mobile Announces Mobile Hotspot Plans


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UNREAL Mobile announced the addition of mobile hotspot plans to its lineup.  The new plans start at $8/month and require the purchase of a $20 mobile hotspot device.

UNREAL Mobile's New Hotspot Plans

UNREAL Mobile's hotspot plans start at $8/month for 2GB of 4G LTE data when you pay for service 1 year in advance.  That works out to an annual cost of $96.  The annual plan is an introductory promotional offer.  Other hotspot plans are available by the month and priced as follows:

  • $20/month - monthly plan with 3GB 4G LTE data
  • $30/month - monthly plan with 5GB 4G LTE data

Both the annual plan and the monthly plans include unlimited data at 2G speeds once their high speed 4G LTE allotments get used up.  The plans also include data rollover.

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UNREAL Mobile is also selling a $10/month plan that includes 1GB of 4G LTE data.  At the moment, subscribers are only able to switch to that plan after first signing up with another.  A 10GB LTE plan for $50/month may also be available post signup.

For all plans, there is a $19.99 activation fee charged at signup.

Available Hotspot Device

The hotspot device that must be purchased to use a hotspot plan is the Franklin Wireless R850.  It is being sold certified pre-owned for $19.99.  The retail price is listed at $149.99.

The Franklin Wireless R850 is capable of connecting up to 8 devices at once.

More About UNREAL Mobile

UNREAL Mobile launched just a couple of months ago.  It is a new MVNO brand owned by FreedomPop and it runs on the Sprint network.  It was launched with the idea of it being a premium brand with not so premium pricing.  Phone plans start at just $10/month.

If you're interested in this hotspot offer, you'll find that it is currently concealed on the UNREAL Mobile website.   To see the offer you'll have to head to their website and click on the "check availability now" button.  Once you do, fill out the necessary information and you'll have the option to purchase either a phone plan or a hotspot plan.

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1 year ago

Why don’t they let us leverage the hotspots capabilities of our own phones? That would have been great!