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Unreal Mobile Has Relaunched With Iggy Azalea As Owner

Unreal Mobile Has Relaunched With A New Website And Ownership
Unreal Mobile Has Relaunched With A New Website And Ownership
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Unreal Mobile has just been relaunched with the help of rapper and model Iggy Azalea. It's unclear if the star bought an ownership stake in the brand like Ryan Reynolds did with Mint Mobile, or if she owns all of it. Azalea claims on X that she co-founded the brand.

Unreal Mobile was originally launched in 2018 by FreedomPop and just one year later both FreedomPop and Unreal Mobile were sold to Red Pocket Mobile. I'm unaware of Azalea's name ever being attached to Unreal Mobile as an owner or if she was an early private investor in the business. There are no publicly available records that I can find that mention her name alongside the brand before the past couple of days.

The new Unreal Mobile has a vastly different website than it once did. It is now cartoony, as opposed to featuring images of real people. It was relaunched at approximately 9 PM EST today and is slow to load at article press time.

The updated plans are somewhat similar to Mint Mobile's. Azalea even referenced Mint Mobile in an X post.

Iggy Azalea Mentions Mint Mobile In X Post In Relation To Relaunch Of Unreal Mobile
Iggy Azalea Mentions Mint Mobile In X Post In Relation To Relaunch Of Unreal Mobile

There are no monthly plans available, only three-month, and annual plans. New customers get a discount for their first three months of service before paying standard rates or upgrading to annual plans. Below is a table highlighting Unreal Mobile's phone plans.

New Customer 3-Mo Price$15/mo$25/mo$30/mo
3-Mo Renewal Rates$20/mo$30/mo$40/mo
Annual Renewal Rates$15/mo$25/mo$30/mo

All plans include international calling and texting from the USA. They also include calls and texts when roaming in Canada and Mexico plus 100MB of data.  After the high-speed data allotment is reached, data speeds slow for the remainder of the customer's billing cycle. The MVNO operates on AT&T. Customers can activate plans instantly via eSIM. Taxes and fees are extra.

Unreal Mobile supports both bring-your-own-device customers and offers iPhones. The iPhone 14 ($629) and iPhone 15 ($729 & $829) are highlighted on the Unreal Mobile homepage.

Before the brand's relaunch, Unreal Mobile offered just two phone plans with three-month durations. Customers could get a 10GB plan for $20/month or a 40GB plan for $40/month when they prepaid for three months of service.

Azalea has her own crypto token, "MOTHER," based on Solana. Azalea promises that Unreal Mobile customers can pay for their phone service using either Mother tokens or Solana, something that will help to differentiate the brand from other providers.

Editor's Take

Unreal Mobile's new phone plans are competitively priced for customers willing to prepay for several months of service in advance. But they aren't entirely unique given that they are largely modeled after Mint Mobile's plans. Also like Mint Mobile, they now have a celebrity endorser. Mint Mobile was able to ride Ryan Reynold's celebrity status and unique ad campaigns to grow to two million subscribers and a valuation of $1.35 billion, the price T-Mobile paid to acquire the brand last month. I'm sure that price tag was a factor in Azalea's decision to reemerge with the brand and she'll attempt to use her fame to grow it to a similar valuation alongside the growth of her crypto token.

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