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Unreal Mobile Offering 3-Months For Price Of 1, Get 12GB For $10

Unreal Mobile Offering 3 Months For Price Of 1
Unreal Mobile Offering 3 Months For Price Of 1
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Unreal Mobile is currently offering a promo that gives new customers 3-months of wireless service for the price of one. So for an average cost of just $10/month you can get a plan with 12GB of high-speed data.

Update 9/10/21: Unfortunately, this promo has come to an end. Here is what you missed:

Unreal Mobile offers just 3 wireless plans. All are multi-month pay in advance plans for 3-months of service. Here are the plans with the promotional pricing highlighted:

  1. $13 for 3-months (avg $4.33/month) - 2GB of monthly high-speed data, renews at $39
  2. $20 for 3-months (avg $6.67/month) - 3GB of monthly high-speed data, renews at $60
  3. $30 for 3-months (avg $10/month)  - 12GB of monthly high-speed data, renews at $90

The plans are available for use on the subscriber's choice of either the AT&T or T-Mobile network with the exception of the 2GB plan. The 2GB plan is for T-Mobile only. Unreal Mobile refers to its plans as GSMA to represent the AT&T network and GSMT for T-Mobile. All plans include the following features:

  • unlimited data at 2G data speeds once the monthly high-speed allotment has been consumed
  • one month of service equals 30 days
  • free international calling to over 80 countries

5G network support is available but with limitations. If used on the AT&T network, 5G is only available on iPhones with support for Android phones said to be coming soon. On the T-Mobile network, it's the opposite. Android phones have 5G network access but on iPhones it is a feature said to be coming soon. Hotspot is also only available when used on AT&T and is automatically enabled for iPhone customers. Subscribers who have Android phones will need to contact customer support to be sure that it can be enabled with their device.

The promo from Unreal Mobile represents excellent value, however, it is said to be a "Labor Day Special" and so it will likely disappear very soon.

Unreal Mobile is owned by Red Pocket Mobile. Red Pocket Mobile seems to be pouring a lot of money into its brands as of late to help fuel subscriber growth. Last week, BestMVNO reported that Red Pocket Mobile is airing four different TV commercials after having little to no prior major TV advertising in its history. The Unreal Mobile promo is also rather aggressive in pricing and perhaps one that loses money for Red Pocket in the short term. The promo severely undercuts offers and pricing from competitors.

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