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Unreal Mobile Updates Plans, Now Offers Service On T-Mobile

Unreal Mobile Has A New Plan And Network Partner
Unreal Mobile Has A New Plan And Network Partner
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About a year and a half ago Red Pocket Mobile acquired the FreedomPop and Unreal Mobile brands from STS Media. One of the first moves Red Pocket made after purchasing Unreal Mobile was to drop the requirement that basic voice services be provided through an app with the use of VoIP. Customers were upgraded to traditional "premium" voice service on par with the rest of the industry.

Earlier this year, Red Pocket made another major move with the brand. In a direct and clear attack on Mint Mobile, Unreal Mobile began to offer multi-month only plans in 3, 6, and 12-month increments. The plans, including their data allotments, were structured exactly as Mint Mobile's. The lone major difference was that Unreal Mobile's underlying network was provided by AT&T whereas Mint Mobile operates on T-Mobile.

Now, Red Pocket Mobile has altered its Unreal Mobile plans again. They are no longer offering multi-month plans exclusively, and customers can now select a plan using their choice of either the T-Mobile or AT&T network. One new $10/month plan has been added and another plan has been dropped. Let's take a closer look.

Unreal Mobile's New And Updated Plans

Unreal Mobile is still offering 3 phone plans, but customers can now subscribe to each plan for either 1, 3, or 12-month increments. The 6-month option has been dropped from their website. The base structure for each plan now looks like this:

4G LTE Data Allotment1 Month Trial Price/Renewal3 Month Price12 Month Price

*=The 2GB plan is available exclusively on the T-Mobile network, which Unreal Mobile refers to as its GSMT network. All other plans can now be used on the customer's choice of either the AT&T network referred to as GSMA on their website or T-Mobile. The 1-month plan options come with new customer first month trial pricing before renewing at their regular rates. This is highlighted in the table. The multi-month prices shown are the average cost each plan costs per month, not the total cost of the plan for its entire duration.

Taxes and fees cost extra.

The plans all include unlimited talk, text, and data with the specified amount of data each month available at high-speeds before throttling to 2G data speeds. All plans include free international calling to over 80 countries. Mobile hotspot, WiFi calling, and VoLTE are all supported, but it is not clear if the features are supported on both networks or limited to just one. I'm inclined to believe the features are available on both networks, as Red Pocket Mobile offers them on both AT&T and T-Mobile leaving little reason for it not to be the same with Unreal Mobile.

Previously a plan with 8GB of high-speed data was offered for as little as $20/month. It seems that plan has been eliminated in favor of the new 2GB plan offering.

Editor's Take

I'm a little bit surprised at the plan updates. Since Unreal Mobile is reverting back to offering monthly phone plans, it appears that their multi-month only strategy may not have been as successful as they had originally hoped. I guess piggybacking on Mint Mobile's structure isn't a guarantee for success, even with great pricing, if it's not backed by a strong marketing campaign and the right network partner.

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