T-Mobile Music Freedom

T-Mobile Adds More Streaming Music Providers to Its Music Freedom Service

Joe Paonessa - Mar 23, 2015
      When T-Mobile announced Music Freedom several months ago, it started with just a little over half a dozen streaming partners at launch.  Today, including three new ones, the carrier now has 31 different streaming audio partners.  For those of you who don’t know, Music Freedom is a service perk
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Un-carrier 9.0

T-Mobile’s Un-carrier 9.0 is “Carrier Freedom,” “The Un-contract,” and Un-carrier for Businesses

Joe Paonessa - Mar 18, 2015
T-Mobile’s Un-carrier 9.0 is “Carrier Freedom,” “The Un-contract,” and Un-carrier for Businesses       It seems that every few months T-Mobile has a new trick up its sleeve with an Un-carrier event.  Today the company had several new tricks up its sleeve and they were announced with the unveiling of Un-carrier
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T-Mobile Uncarrier 8.0 Data Stash

T-Mobile to Offer Data Stash To Simple Choice Prepaid Customers

Joe Paonessa - Mar 16, 2015
        Starting Sunday March 22nd, Data Stash will start rolling out to Simple Choice prepaid customers.  Customers with a qualifying Simple Choice plan will be greeted with a Starter Stash containing up to 10 GB of 4G LTE data.  Once that starter stash is finished, customers will have
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T-Mobile Upgrading Select Customers to Unlimited LTE Data for Free

Joe Paonessa - Mar 14, 2015
        If you are one of the lucky ones, you recently got a text from T-Mobile informing you that your service is getting updated to unlimited 4G LTE data at no extra charge.  Unfortunately, I am not one of the lucky ones, how about you?         T-Mobile has
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T-Mobile $30 month prepaid starter kit

T-Mobile’s 100 Voice, Unlimited Text and Data With 5GB LTE $30 Prepaid Wireless Plan Now on Sale

Joe Paonessa - Feb 12, 2015
(This post contains affiliate links where I may receive compensation if a purchase is made)          A recent site reader, “salocin411” tried to purchase T-Mobile’s $30 prepaid wireless sim starter kit when he ran into a problem I had never seen before, the kit was currently listed as unavailable. 
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T-Mobile Simply Prepaid

Simply Prepaid is Simply Disappointing

Joe Paonessa - Jan 17, 2015
T-Mobile Introduces new Simply Prepaid Plans              T-Mobile recently announced a new set of prepaid plans entitled “Simply Prepaid” that I find simply disappointing.  T-Mobile claims their goal here was to try and make their plans as straight forward as they are “affordable,” with a focus on “simplicity, fairness,
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T-Mobile Uncarrier 8.0 Data Stash

T-Mobile Announces Data Stash – Unused Data Carryover

Joe Paonessa - Dec 16, 2014
T-Mobile Unveils Data Stash with Un-Carrier 8.0        T-Mobile today unveiled Un-Carrier 8.0 in which they announced they will now allow unused monthly data to be carried over to the next month and beyond for a period of up to a year.  T-Mobile also claims to be the first nationwide
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T-Mobile Logo

T-Mobile Giving Away A Tablet

Joe Paonessa - Nov 18, 2014
      T-Mobile today announced they’ll be rewarding existing customers by exclusively offering them a black Friday deal one week early.  Starting Friday, November 21st, at participating stores, existing customers will be able to pick up an Alcatel ONETOUCH Pop 7 tablet for free only paying for the sales tax with
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Solavei Offers $10 Off It’s Prepaid Wireless Plans

Joe Paonessa - Oct 12, 2014
Solave offers $10 off it’s prepaid wireless plans With prepaid wireless plans starting at $39 a month, T-Mobile MVNO Solavei is currently running a promotion where you can receive $10 a month off your bill for each of your first three months of service.  Solavei offers unlimited talk, text and
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Sprint and T-Mobile Fight Each Other For Your Mobile Phone Trade In

Joe Paonessa - Sep 8, 2014
Sprint and T-Mobile today both announced aggressive plans to go after trade-ins of your used mobile phone and to hopefully gain a new customer.  One of these two is a bit more aggressive than the other.  Let’s start the discussion by dissecting Sprint’s offering first. Sprint’s Trade in Program Sprint
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T-Mobile Has Increased Available LTE Data For the Simple Starter Plan

Joe Paonessa - Aug 26, 2014
T-Mobile has just offered current and potential new customers a new option involving their Simple Starter plan.  Starting September 3rd, 2014, you can quadruple your data from 500mb to 2 GB for just $5 more a month, increasing the cost of the plan to a total $45.  The plan also includes unlimited
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T-Mobile Announces New Family Plan

Joe Paonessa - Jul 28, 2014
Straight from the horses mouth today, T-Mobile CEO John Legere simultaneously poked fun at “AT&T’s best ever pricing for families” campaign while blowing it out of the water by announcing a new T-Mobile promotion. Starting July 30th through September, T-Mobile is offering a family plan that includes unlimited talk and text and 10
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T-Mobile VoLTE

Joe Paonessa - Jul 9, 2014
     T-Mobile VoLTE has been expanding recently at a faster rate than they even post about it on their website.  Currently, only the  Galaxy S5, LG G Flex, Note 3 and Galaxy Light support the service barring you have the latest firmware for each device.  According to end users, VoLTE
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T-mobile Uncarrier 5.0

Joe Paonessa - Jun 18, 2014
T-mobile Try Before You Buy and Unlimited Streaming Music T-mobile had plenty to say today with it’s latest UnCarrier announcement.  If you’ve always wanted to try a new carrier but had doubts as to if you’d really like it, T-mobile has just made it easy for you. They are now
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T-mobile adds 2.4 Million Customers

Joe Paonessa - May 4, 2014
Another fiscal quarter has passed, and if you’ve been following us along, you’ll know it means more subscriber additions for T-mobile.  Surprisingly though, the 2.4 million new subscribers hasn’t been all that profitable for the nations 4th largest carrier.  In fact the mobile carrier experienced a drop in earnings of
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