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T-Mobile to Offer Data Stash To Simple Choice Prepaid Customers

T-Mobile Uncarrier 8.0 Data Stash
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      T-Mobile Data Stash  Starting Sunday March 22nd, Data Stash will start rolling out to Simple Choice prepaid customers.  Customers with a qualifying Simple Choice plan will be greeted with a Starter Stash containing up to 10 GB of 4G LTE data.  Once that starter stash is finished, customers will have their unused data begin to get stashed away for use up to a full year.

      T-Mobile says that since they implemented their Data Stash program, twenty seven percent of customers have already dipped into their data stash.  The program only began less roughly three months ago.

     It's nice to see prepaid customers get some of the premium features our postpaid brethren are accustomed to.  However, I am a little bit suspicious about what is going on here.  Curiously, T-Mobiles Simple Choice Prepaid plans are rather hard to find on their website.  They make no mention of pricing or specifics of the plans.  The only way to see anything about the plans is to click the option to "compare our monthly prepaid plans," or to signup for one during activation of your account.  This leads me to believe that sometime in the future they will no longer be available.  Perhaps that's why these  plans are now getting Data Stash?  Perhaps in the future Simple Choice Prepaid will fold into their Simple Choice Postpaid plans?  This would seem to make sense given that just a few short months ago T-Mobile introduced new prepaid plans under the moniker Simply Prepaid.  I believe having all these different prepaid brand names and options leads to confusion on the customers behalf and seems more complicated than it should be.  With all these options, lines become blurred between the two prepaid and the postpaid plans, so I'm willing to bet one of the prepaid plan types disappears by years end.  What do you guys think about all of this?  At one point will Simple Choice Prepaid disappear?


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