The Potential Security Risks Associated With Your Mobile Phone Service Provider, T-Mobile Digits And Similar Platforms

Joe Paonessa-Aug 2, 2017

About two months ago, T-Mobile officially took its Digits platform out of beta and made it available to “all” T-Mobile customers.  By all I mean T-Mobile postpaid customers, while those of us on legacy prepaid

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MetroPCS Subscribers To Get Scam ID And Scam Block

Joe Paonessa-Jul 24, 2017

A few months ago T-Mobile announced that it would provide its customers with the ability to screen phone calls for scammers and spammers.  Today the company announced that its prepaid brand MetroPCS will also get

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Deal Extended! T-Mobile Launches BOGO Deals On The Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ And LG G6, V20

Joe Paonessa-Jun 23, 2017

T-Mobile Offering BOGO Deals On Select Samsung , iPhone, And LG Phones (Updated 06/23/2017:  Offers now available through 7/17/2017).  T-Mobile has launched a few new deals on select devices just in time for Father’s day.

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Limited Time Offer From T-Mobile Prepaid, Get 10 GB Data For $50/Month

Joe Paonessa-Jun 17, 2017

T-Mobile Simply Prepaid Limited Time Promotional Offer $50 10GB Data T-Mobile has just launched a new limited time offer for its prepaid wireless fans.  The promotional offer is for unlimited talk, text and data with

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Did T-Mobile Release A Google Voice Competitor With The Launch Of DIGITS?

Joe Paonessa-May 25, 2017

Starting Wednesday, May 31st, T-Mobile is transferring all of its customer phone lines over to its DIGITS system.  DIGITS technology is made possible by what T-Mobile calls IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem), its service management layer

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T-Mobile Ups Unlimited Data To 32GB, Offers To Pay Off Select Phones If You Make The Switch

Joe Paonessa-May 24, 2017

T-Mobile announced today what it is calling the #GetOutoftheRed promotion.  Those of you that have one of several phones on an installment plan from Verizon, will get it paid off by T-Mobile if you switch

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Get A Samsung Galaxy On5 For Free When You Purchase A $100 Prepaid Refill Card

Joe Paonessa-Jan 8, 2017

Those who are on a T-Mobile Prepaid plan should take note of this deal.  T-Mobile is offering the Samsung Galaxy On5 with a free SIM starter kit for free, to those who purchase a $100

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It’s Not Black Friday Yet, But T-Mobile Has BOGO Deals For You This Weekend Featuring Samsung Galaxies

Joe Paonessa-Nov 11, 2016

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy BOGO Promotion Starting today, and this weekend only, T-Mobile is offering buy one get one free deals with Samsung Galaxy phones.  Phones that are featured as a part of this deal include the

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How T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier 12 Will Impact Unlimited 4G LTE And Simple Choice Customers

Joe Paonessa-Aug 20, 2016

T-Mobile’s latest Un-Carrier move has generated a lot of controversy. CIO says it is rife with gotchas.   PCMag says “it’s pockmarked with caveats and asterisk, but it’s still a pretty good deal.”  Jan Dawson, chief

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Headed To Europe This Summer? Enjoy Unlimited Data With T-Mobile

Joe Paonessa-Jun 26, 2016

Every summer, the most popular overseas travel destination is Europe and this summer more than 2.5 million Americans are expected to travel there.  If you’re a T-Mobile customer with a Simple Choice plan and headed

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