Some T-Mobile Customers Report Phone Number And Bank Account Theft

T-Mobile Customers Experience Theft Of Phone Numbers And Money Via Port Out Scam, Here’s How To Protect Yourself

Joe Paonessa – Feb 5, 2018
Many months ago I told the story of how one thieve managed to steal and port someone’s phone number out of AT&T and use it to gain access to the victim’s bank account.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t an isolated incident. Sometime in December of 2017, police in Redmond, Washington began receiving

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T-Mobile Closes Layer3 TV Acquisition

T-Mobile Completes Its Acquisition Of Layer3 TV, On Schedule To Launch New TV Service in 2018

Joe Paonessa – Jan 23, 2018
T-Mobile announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Layer3 TV Inc.  The “Un-Carrier” has big plans for 2018 as it plans to launch a new and “disruptive” TV service with the help of the Layer3 TV team. Layer3 TV touts itself as “The New Cable.” The company offers

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T-Mobile Launches Data Free Unlimited Talk And Text Plan

T-Mobile Brings Back Unlimited Talk And Text Only Plan For $25/Month

Joe Paonessa – Oct 31, 2017
Earlier this year, T-Mobile quietly discontinued its unlimited talk and text plan as an option for its prepaid customers.  The plan was priced at $25/month. Its postpaid unlimited talk and text only plan disappeared some time ago as well. Today, T-Mobile decided to bring back its unlimited talk and text

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JD Power Ranks T-Mobile Tops In Customer Satisfaction Among Business Users

JD Power Survey Finds T-Mobile To Rank Tops In Wireless Satisfaction Among Business Users

Joe Paonessa – Oct 28, 2017
A few months ago, a survey conducted by Market Force revealed T-Mobile to be the nation’s favorite carrier.  Now a survey conducted by JD Power Associates has named T-Mobile to be the top dog in wireless satisfaction among business customers. The survey also revealed that unlimited data is a driving force behind

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T-Mobile Q3 2017 Stock Quote

For The 18th Straight Quarter, T-Mobile Has Added Over 1 Million Subscribers

Joe Paonessa – Oct 23, 2017
T-Mobile has been on a tear.  Today’s 3rd quarter earning’s release marks the 18 straight time that T-Mobile has added over 1 million subscribers in a quarter.  That’s a time span of 4.5 years. Total subscriber additions came in at 1.33 million with 817,000 being postpaid, 226,000 prepaid, and 286,000

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Limited Time Offer T-Mobile LG V30 BOGO

T-Mobile Offering Buy One LG V30 Get One $500 Off

Joe Paonessa – Oct 13, 2017
For a limited time T-Mobile is offering the LG V30 for $500 off when you purchase one at its regular price of $800.  To take advantage of the offer you must add a new line and purchase the devices on T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan (EIP). The $500 off will come

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T-Mobile Puts A Limit On International Data Use

T-Mobile Places A Limit On International High Speed Data Consumption

Joe Paonessa – Oct 11, 2017
If you’re a T-Mobile customer that likes to travel to either Canada or Mexico, starting next month a limit will be put into place as to how much data you can use while across either border.  The change will be applied to T-Mobile ONE, Simple Choice North America, and any

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It's Game On At The T-Mobile Website Today

Thanks To A Game, The T-Mobile Website Will Help You Kill Some Time Today

Joe Paonessa – Oct 6, 2017
While browsing the T-Mobile website today I noticed something was different.  I don’t know how long it has been different, but there is now a game available there for you to play. The goal of the game appears to be to run and jump over as many objects as you

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T-Mobile Announces 50 Percent Cash Back On Your Google Pixel

T-Mobile Giving New And Existing Customers Up To 50% Off Pixel Devices, BOGO On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Joe Paonessa – Oct 6, 2017
New and existing customers who add a line of voice service on a qualifying T-Mobile plan will get up to 50% off a Google Pixel 2.  This is an offer that T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere seems to be pretty excited about. “(Verizon) claims the Pixel is ‘exclusive’—just like they claim

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T-Mobile Set To Acquire iWireless

T-Mobile Acquires Remaining Interest In iWireless

Joe Paonessa – Sep 26, 2017
iWireless is a regional carrier that operates in Iowa and a few surrounding areas that include Eastern Nebraska and Western Illinois.  The carrier was owned in part by Aureon.  Today, T-Mobile announced that it is buying out Aureon to take a controlling interest in iWireless. Through the acquisition, iWireless’s approximately

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T-Mobile Increases Unlimited Data Deprioritization Threshold

T-Mobile Nearly Doubles Unlimited Data Plan Deprioritization Threshold To 50 GB

Joe Paonessa – Sep 19, 2017
Wireless carriers all offer what they call unlimited data plans, however once you read the fine print, you realize that not one plan includes truly unlimited data.  Instead, each carrier and MVNO practice what they call deprioritization, that is, once you go over a certain amount of high speed data

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Hurricane Irma Florida T-Mobile Free Calls Text And Data

(Updated) Carriers Offering Customers In Florida Affected By Hurricane Irma Free Unlimited Data, Calling And Texting

Joe Paonessa – Sep 8, 2017
Due to the impact of hurricane Irma, T-Mobile and its prepaid brand MetroPCS are offering customers free unlimited talk, text and data regardless of what plan they have through September 15th. The area codes that the carrier and its MVNO brand have extended the offer to include the following: Area

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T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ Introduced

If You’re 55+ Years Old, T-Mobile Will Give You 2 Unlimited LTE Data Lines For $60/Month

Joe Paonessa – Aug 7, 2017
T-Mobile has introduced a new cell phone plan targeting seniors.  The plan is called T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+, and as its name implies, it is modeled after the T-Mobile ONE plan. The new T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ plan includes unlimited talk, text and LTE data for $50/month for a single line, or $60/month

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Phone Number Theft, The Impact Of T-Mobile Digits, And Google Voice

The Potential Security Risks Associated With Your Mobile Phone Service Provider, T-Mobile Digits And Similar Platforms

Joe Paonessa – Aug 2, 2017
About two months ago, T-Mobile officially took its Digits platform out of beta and made it available to “all” T-Mobile customers.  By all I mean T-Mobile postpaid customers, while those of us on legacy prepaid plans such as the infamous $30 prepaid plan have been left in the dark. As

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T-Mobile Enables Scam Phone Call Blocking For MetroPCS

MetroPCS Subscribers To Get Scam ID And Scam Block

Joe Paonessa – Jul 24, 2017
A few months ago T-Mobile announced that it would provide its customers with the ability to screen phone calls for scammers and spammers.  Today the company announced that its prepaid brand MetroPCS will also get those features starting tomorrow, July 25, 2017. T-Mobile has labeled the feature set as Scam

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