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T-Mobile Brings Back Unlimited Talk And Text Only Plan For $25/Month

T-Mobile Launches Data Free Unlimited Talk And Text Plan
T-Mobile Launches Data Free Unlimited Talk And Text Plan
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Earlier this year, T-Mobile quietly discontinued its unlimited talk and text plan as an option for its prepaid customers.  The plan was priced at $25/month.

Its postpaid unlimited talk and text only plan disappeared some time ago as well.

Today, T-Mobile decided to bring back its unlimited talk and text plan.  The plan is available at the same price as before, $25/month.  However, unlike before, it is only available for postpaid customers, and taxes and fees are now included in the price.  So is unlimited international text messaging.

The plan also includes international roaming while in Mexico and Canada.  Subscribers can talk and text to numbers in the USA for free while in either country.

Simple Global talk and messaging are also available.  Calls from Simple Global countries over Wi-Fi are $.20/min and there is no charge for Wi-Fi calls to the USA, Mexico or Canada.  Text messaging is presumed to be free while traveling in one of over 140 countries.

The Fine Print

T-Mobile's new plan is ineligible for both Carrier Freedom and Get Out Of The Red.  Carrier Freedom is of course T-Mobile's offer to pay off up to $650 in early termination fees or device payment plans that you may have with another provider when you port in.  The Get Out Of The Red promotion was a similar offer available exclusively to Verizon customers with select phones.

Netflix on us is also unavailable with this plan.

T-Mobile is not offering any auto-pay or multi-line discounts to plan subscribers either.

There is no data add on option available.  However, if you have a tablet or laptop, you can add a data plan to your account for use with either type of device.

The plan does at least include T-Mobile Tuesday's as well as T-Mobile Digits.

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