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T-Mobile Prepaid Adds Multi-Line Discount Pricing, $50 Unlimited LTE Plan Now Permanent Offering

T-Mobile Prepaid Plans Now Include Multiple Line Discount Pricing
T-Mobile Prepaid Plans Now Include Multiple Line Discount Pricing
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T-Mobile has just updated its prepaid plans.  The $40 Simply Prepaid plan with 10GB of data has just been upgraded from a limited time offer to a permanent plan.  The $50 T-Mobile One unlimited LTE data plan that was just launched last month also received the designation of permanent plan.

Both plans now come with multi-line discount options.  Customers can add a maximum of 4 additional lines to their account at a cost of $30 per line.

T-Mobile Updated Prepaid Plan Details

With the changes, T-Mobile is now offering only 3 prepaid plan options.  Previously 6 different options were available to subscribers including 3 different unlimited LTE data plans and a $45 plan with 4GB of LTE data.

The 3 remaining plans are now called T-Mobile ONE Prepaid Domestic Only, Simply Prepaid and Pay As You Go.

T-Mobile ONE Prepaid Domestic Only

This plan includes unlimited talk, text and LTE data for $50/month.  Unlimited mobile hotspot is included but limited to 3G data speeds or a maximum of about 512Kbps.  Video streams are limited to 1.5Mbps.  Subscribers that consume more than 50GB of LTE data in a month may notice reduced speeds during times of network congestion.

Multi-lines are priced as follows:

  • 2 lines - $80/month
  • 3 lines - $110/month
  • 4 lines - $140/month
  • 5 lines - $170/month

Taxes and fees are not included in the prices shown and do cost extra.

Simply Prepaid

The Simply Prepaid plan costs $40/month for a single line and includes unlimited talk, text and data with the first 10GB at 4G LTE data speeds.  Mobile hotspot is included and available at full LTE data speeds.  Subscribers have the ability to turn Data Maximizer on and off.  With Data Maximizer on video streams are limited to a maximum rate of 1.5 Mbps.  Customers have the ability to turn the feature off on this plan so that video streams at a higher rate.  However, it cannot be disabled on the T-Mobile ONE Prepaid plan.  The Simply Prepaid plan also includes music streaming from numerous providers that does not count against the plans high speed data cap.

Multi-lines are priced as follows:

  • 2 lines - $70/month
  • 3 lines - $100/month
  • 4 lines - $130/month
  • 5 lines - $160/month

Taxes and fees cost extra.

Features Available To Both Simply Prepaid And T-Mobile ONE Prepaid

WiFi calling is included with both plans at no extra charge.  Customers can pay an additional $5/month if they need full roaming while traveling in either Mexico or Canada.  Up to 5GB of high speed roaming data is available while traveling in either country before throttling to 2G data speeds.  Stateside international calling is available for $15/month which gives subscribers international calling to landlines in over 70 countries and mobile in over 30 countries.

Pay As You Go

The Pay As You Go plan starts at $3/month plus taxes and fees.  It includes up to 30 minutes and up to 30 text messages.  Additional minutes and text messages are priced at a rate of 10¢ per minute or message.  Data day passes can be added to the plan any time data is needed.  A data pass costs $5 for 500MB of LTE data that is only available to use for a time period of 24 hours.  A $10 data pass is also available that includes 1GB of LTE data that lasts for 7 days.

T-Mobile Prepaid Old And New Plans Compared

Below are two graphics showing a comparison of T-Mobile's old prepaid plans with the new ones.  The old ones are shown first.

T-Mobile's Legacy Prepaid Plans

T-Mobile Prepaid Legacy Plan Pricing Outgoing 2018

T-Mobile's Updated Prepaid Plans As Of December 14th, 2018

T-Mobile's Updated Prepaid Plans As Of December 14th, 2018

Subscribers on an old legacy plan should still be able to keep it if they so choose.

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