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T-Mobile Giving Away A Tablet

Joe Paonessa - Nov 18, 2014
      T-Mobile today announced they’ll be rewarding existing customers by exclusively offering them a black Friday deal one week early.  Starting Friday, November 21st, at participating stores, existing customers will be able to pick up an Alcatel ONETOUCH Pop 7 tablet for free only paying for the sales tax with
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Solavei Offers $10 Off It’s Prepaid Wireless Plans

Joe Paonessa - Oct 12, 2014
Solave offers $10 off it’s prepaid wireless plans With prepaid wireless plans starting at $39 a month, T-Mobile MVNO Solavei is currently running a promotion where you can receive $10 a month off your bill for each of your first three months of service.  Solavei offers unlimited talk, text and
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Sprint and T-Mobile Fight Each Other For Your Mobile Phone Trade In

Joe Paonessa - Sep 8, 2014
Sprint and T-Mobile today both announced aggressive plans to go after trade-ins of your used mobile phone and to hopefully gain a new customer.  One of these two is a bit more aggressive than the other.  Let’s start the discussion by dissecting Sprint’s offering first. Sprint’s Trade in Program Sprint
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T-Mobile Has Increased Available LTE Data For the Simple Starter Plan

Joe Paonessa - Aug 26, 2014
T-Mobile has just offered current and potential new customers a new option involving their Simple Starter plan.  Starting September 3rd, 2014, you can quadruple your data from 500mb to 2 GB for just $5 more a month, increasing the cost of the plan to a total $45.  The plan also includes unlimited
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T-Mobile Announces New Family Plan

Joe Paonessa - Jul 28, 2014
Straight from the horses mouth today, T-Mobile CEO John Legere simultaneously poked fun at “AT&T’s best ever pricing for families” campaign while blowing it out of the water by announcing a new T-Mobile promotion. Starting July 30th through September, T-Mobile is offering a family plan that includes unlimited talk and text and 10
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T-Mobile VoLTE

Joe Paonessa - Jul 9, 2014
     T-Mobile VoLTE has been expanding recently at a faster rate than they even post about it on their website.  Currently, only the  Galaxy S5, LG G Flex, Note 3 and Galaxy Light support the service barring you have the latest firmware for each device.  According to end users, VoLTE
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T-mobile Uncarrier 5.0

Joe Paonessa - Jun 18, 2014
T-mobile Try Before You Buy and Unlimited Streaming Music T-mobile had plenty to say today with it’s latest UnCarrier announcement.  If you’ve always wanted to try a new carrier but had doubts as to if you’d really like it, T-mobile has just made it easy for you. They are now
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T-mobile adds 2.4 Million Customers

Joe Paonessa - May 4, 2014
Another fiscal quarter has passed, and if you’ve been following us along, you’ll know it means more subscriber additions for T-mobile.  Surprisingly though, the 2.4 million new subscribers hasn’t been all that profitable for the nations 4th largest carrier.  In fact the mobile carrier experienced a drop in earnings of
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T-mobile Eliminates Overages

Joe Paonessa - Apr 14, 2014
Tired of overages?  So was T-mobile, so starting in May, they won’t have them anymore! In a move to simplify things and to stop trying to scare the customer into paying for a more costly plan than they need, T-mobile has opted to say adieu to those nasty overages.  Overages
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ATT and T-mobile Offering More For Less

Joe Paonessa - Mar 12, 2014
It seems the pricing wars continue to heat up among the carriers.  First T-mobile announced it was offering more 4G LTE data, tethering, and unlimited international texting at no additional costs.  Anybody on a simple choice plan will have their accounts updated automatically to the new service plans.  Highlights include
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The Roundup

Joe Paonessa - Jan 14, 2014
In case you missed it, popular Verizon MVNO “Page Plus Cellular” has now finally been taken over by TracFone.  What will become of their service remains to be seen.  TracFone has recently gone on quite the acquisition spree as they also own Net 10, Straight Talk, and Simple Mobile to
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