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T-mobile Eliminates Overages


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Tired of overages?  So was T-mobile, so starting in May, they won't have them anymore!

In a move to simplify things and to stop trying to scare the customer into paying for a more costly plan than they need, T-mobile has opted to say adieu to those nasty overages.  Overages are a little trick the carriers use to generate extra money for themselves both in the actual overage fees and by pushing the customer to a higher service plan as opposed to them actually paying that overage fee.  You see, a customer paying for a $45 plan could quickly find themselves paying $100 or more by using just a few hundred MB more data than their plan allows given the ludicrous prices that carriers charge for an extra mb of data over the limit.  For more on this, read about it straight from the horses mouth, the CEO of T-mobile here.

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