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T-Mobile Has Increased Available LTE Data For the Simple Starter Plan

By Joe Paonessa – Aug 26, 2014

T-Mobile has just offered current and potential new customers a new option involving their Simple Starter plan.  Starting September 3rd, 2014, you can quadruple your data from 500mb to 2 GB for just $5 more a month, increasing the cost of the plan to a total $45.  The plan also includes unlimited talk and text, and there are no overages.  Once you reach your data cap, you are cut off until the next billing cycle.  Reading the fine print T-Mobile points out " If you switch plans you may be bound by existing term (including early termination provisions) and/or charged an up to $200 fee.  Regulatory Programs Fee of $1.61 per line/month applies."

Presumably T-Mobile is stating that if you are under contract, which in most cases you will not be, you could be breaking that contract by switching plans and thus charged up to a $200 fee.  So, what do you think is the better deal here, this new Simple Starter plan or the $30 unlimited data plan that includes 5GB LTE before throttling, unlimited text and 100 minutes of talk?  One other difference between these two plans is that the $30 plan does not include any roaming, while the Simple Starter plan includes a small amount.

     A couple of other things to keep in mind if you are on the fence about switching to ones of these plans is that T-Mobile bills itself as the nations fastest 4G LTE network, and they do present evidence to back that up using data analyzed from speedtest.  The network's LTE coverage now has a reach of 233 million people and continues to grow and expand.

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