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T-Mobile’s 100 Voice, Unlimited Text and Data With 5GB LTE $30 Prepaid Wireless Plan Now on Sale

T-Mobile $30 month prepaid starter kit
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       T-Mobile $30 month prepaid starter kit  A recent site reader, "salocin411" tried to purchase T-Mobile's $30 prepaid wireless sim starter kit when he ran into a problem I had never seen before, the kit was currently listed as unavailable.  After a brief scare that the plan may have been eliminated and a little bit of digging, I uncovered that Wal-Mart simply has a new product number for that plan.  On top of that, the new sim starter kit is currently on sale at the lowest price I have ever seen.  While the old kit usually listed at between $36-$40, this new kit has a regular price of $39.88.  Currently though it is being offered for $29.82!  What makes this interesting is that the kit comes with one month of service like the previous one did,  however, this kit is actually a few cents cheaper than one month of service alone is.  For those of you not familiar with this particular plan, it is a Wal-Mart exclusive plan (only sold at Walmart, but users may also activate devices via T-Mobile online) and it is the service I have been subscribed to for that past couple of years.  Plan highlights include:

  • 100 minutes of talk, 10c a minute thereafter
  • unlimited text and data with the first 5GB being unthrottled 4G LTE
  • unlimited international texting from the USA to almost anywhere.  T-Mobile doesn't specify exactly what everywhere means here.
  • no roaming.  This plan does not include T-Mobile's roaming agreements with AT&T and so coverage is more limited compared to some of their other plans.
  • Music Freedom is Included (Updated: 3/9/2016 rumors are circulating that this may no longer be included)
  • Binge On Included

If you are interested in purchasing this plan you can pick up the $30 plan via Walmart's website.

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