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T-Mobile Upgrading Select Customers to Unlimited LTE Data for Free


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    T-Mobile Fastest 4G LTE Logo    If you are one of the lucky ones, you recently got a text from T-Mobile informing you that your service is getting updated to unlimited 4G LTE data at no extra charge.  Unfortunately, I am not one of the lucky ones, how about you?

        T-Mobile has been sending text messages out to select customers notifying them that on April 1st they'll be getting their cell phone plan automatically upgraded to unlimited 4G LTE good until the end of the year.  At the end of the year your plan will revert back to its previous monthly LTE data allotment.

     This seems like a great way to get people hooked on unlimited data where presumably T-Mobile hopes that by the end of the year, customers will convert their plans over to the more expensive unlimited LTE data plan.  Likely those conversions would result in higher earnings for the carrier.

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     This upgrade is not without caveats though.  Those who agree to the offer will lose their data stash.  Streaming music service Rhapsody unRadio is not included with the offer.  Your mobile hotspot/tethering data allotment will not increase, but remain at the level your original plan came with.

      So has anyone out there got the offer and refused it?  If so why?

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5 years ago

If anyone from T-Mobile is listening have your techs fix the unreliable coverage in many cities. You all seem to concentrate more on the Metropolitan areas and forget the guys living on the outskirts.

I tip my hats off to you all for offering some of the best prepaid plans in the market but if I can’t get coverage what’s the use of staying and recommending your service….