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Red Pocket Mobile Giving Away Free Month To ROK Mobile Port-Ins

Red Pocket Mobile Offering ROK Mobile Customers Free Month Of Service

Joe Paonessa - Aug 31, 2018
ROK Mobile’s sudden shut down of its Sprint network plans has left some customers looking for a new provider.  Red Pocket Mobile stated to BestMVNO that it has collaborated with ROK Mobile to help customers migrate their numbers over to Red Pocket before the end of the day today, 8/31/18. 
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ROK Mobile Sprint Customers Need A New Provider

ROK Mobile Sprint Subscribers Need To Find A New Provider

Joe Paonessa - Aug 29, 2018
Back in May of this year, ROK Mobile discontinued its Sprint based plans.  Subscribers were allowed to keep whatever Sprint based plan they had, but new subscribers could no longer sign up for one.  Now according to HowardForums and Reddit posters,  it seems those that kept their Sprint based plan
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ROK Mobile Legacy Verizon Customers Have Their Service Abruptly Terminated

ROK Mobile’s Verizon Based Service Abruptly Ends, Here Is What To Do

Joe Paonessa - Jul 31, 2018
ROK Mobile has had a rocky year.  The MVNO repeatedly changed its phone plan lineup around.  It had Sprint based plans that got discontinued and brought back at a later date.  The same thing happened with the company’s Verizon based plans.  This in itself was pretty troubling.  Then, back in
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ROK Mobile Updates Plans For At Least 9th Time In A Year

ROK Mobile Offers More Data And Lower Prices

Joe Paonessa - May 29, 2018
ROK Mobile has updated its phone plans to include more data and lower prices.  This comes just weeks after I suggested the company could be on death watch after it dropped its Verizon and Sprint based plans and cut out its dealers.   This is at least the 9th time that ROK
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ROK Mobile Discontinues Partnerships With Two Networks

ROK Mobile Death Watch? Verizon And Sprint Plans Discontinued

Joe Paonessa - May 8, 2018
In less than a year’s time, ROK Mobile has under gone numerous iterations.  We’ve seen the company discontinue its Sprint based plans only to bring them back at a later date. A Verizon based unlimited plan was discontinued only to return later at a higher rate.  We’ve seen other Verizon
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ROK Mobile Updates Phone Plans Once Again

ROK Mobile Alters Plans Again, Brings Back Verizon Based Unlimited Data Plan For $75/Month

Joe Paonessa - Feb 26, 2018
A couple of weeks ago ROK Mobile altered its phone plan lineup by eliminating an unlimited data plan that it offered on the Verizon network. The plan was priced at $50 a month.  Today that plan is back, but now it costs $75/month. That’s quite a large price jump.  ROK
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ROK Mobile Appears To Have Discontinued A Couple Of Phone Plans

Several ROK Mobile Phone Plans Appear To Have Been Discontinued, Including A $50 Unlimited Data Plan On The Verizon Network

Joe Paonessa - Feb 9, 2018
Today a reader left me a comment asking what happened to ROK Mobile’s $50 unlimited data plan. They said it could no longer be found on the ROK Mobile website and asked me if I could verify its existence. After taking a look myself, I see that it has indeed disappeared.
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ROK Mobile Offers 3 Months $99 Unlimited Data Promo

ROK Mobile Offers Unlimited LTE Data Promo For $33/Month, Unlimited International Calling And A Rewards Program

Joe Paonessa - Nov 18, 2017
ROK Mobile has just announced a new promotional offer just in time for the holiday season.  Those who subscribe to ROK Mobile’s unlimited LTE data plan on either the Sprint or Verizon network can get the plan for just $33/month.  To get the promotional rate, subscribers must signup for 3
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ROK Mobile Adds Unlimited Data On Verizon Network

ROK Mobile Now Has Unlimited LTE Data On Verizon Network For $50/Month

Joe Paonessa - Sep 18, 2017
ROK Mobile has been a busy bee this past year, updating its cell phone plans numerous times.  The latest plan changes are for what the company calls its “other CDMA plans,” or what we take to mean Verizon, given that it has another set of CDMA plans that are clearly
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ROK Mobile Adds GSM Partner That Is Likely ATT

ROK Mobile Adds What Is Likely AT&T As An MVNO Partner, Plans Start at $30 For 3 GB LTE Data With Unlimited Talk And Text

Joe Paonessa - Aug 24, 2017
ROK Mobile made several changes to its cell phone plan lineup over the past several months.  Some of those changes included the addition of an unlimited data plan, as well as adding Sprint back as an MVNO network partner. About a week ago the Sprint and Verizon MVNO announced on its
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ROK Mobile Offers Unlimited LTE Data Plan With Bonus Features

ROK Mobile Updates Cell Phone Plans To Include Unlimited 4G LTE Data For $45/Month

Joe Paonessa - Aug 4, 2017
It was only weeks ago that ROK Mobile introduced some new cell phone plans.  Yet in the past 24 hours the Sprint and Verizon MVNO has revamped their phone plan lineup again. The new lineup mostly impacts the Sprint side of ROK Mobile, and the changes are ones that may certainly
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ROK Mobile New Verizon Based Plans

Turns Out ROK Mobile Isn’t Neglecting Verizon Network, Announces Much Improved New Plans

Joe Paonessa - Jul 5, 2017
Last week ROK Mobile announced a new plan lineup for its Sprint network, adding several new plans, while the companies single Verizon based plan appeared to be little more than a blip on the radar.  The Verizon based plan was not even remotely competitive in the market place.  This seemed
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ROK Mobile Updates Verizon Plans

ROK Mobile Revamps Plans, Appears To Be More Focused On The Sprint Network

Joe Paonessa - Jun 27, 2017
In early May it was discovered that ROK Mobile added Sprint back as an MVNO network partner after more than a year of being an exclusive partner of Verizon. With the reintroduction of Sprint as a network partner, the MVNO announced several new Sprint exclusive plans.  At launch the plans
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ROK Mobile Brings Back Sprint Plans

ROK Mobile Goes Back To Its Roots, Adds Sprint As An MVNO Partner

Joe Paonessa - May 7, 2017
ROK Mobile launched nearly three years ago as both a Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO.  A few months after launch, the company went on a promotional blitz offering unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 5 GB at high speeds, as well as access to a streaming music service that
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ROK Mobile Eliminates Unlimited Data

Say It Ain’t So, ROK Mobile Says So Long To Unlimited Data

Joe Paonessa - Jul 6, 2016
ROK Mobile has announced that on August 1st, its unlimited but throttled data plan will go kaput.  In its place will be a hard cap of 5 GB. ROK Mobile is a Verizon MVNO that initially launched service roughly two years ago as a Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO.  The company only
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