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ROK Mobile is an MVNO that operates on Verizon’s network. Plans can be purchased online. Network speeds are limited to 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload.

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ROK Mobile

ROK Mobile Unlimited

Special Features: music streaming service included. Includes over 20 million song library. $100k accidental death insurance, access
Mobile Hotspot: No
unlimited unlimited 5 GB


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Rok Mobile Adds Service Seemingly as a Verizon MVNO Providing 5 GB of LTE Data With Unlimited Talk, Text, and Streaming Music

ROK Mobile, the MVNO that was co-founded by John Paul Dejoria who also co-founded the Paul Mitchell salon product line, has now partnered with "the nation's largest 4G LTE network" which seems to imply...
ROK Mobile

Rok Mobile $99 for Three Months of Unlimited Talk, Text and Data, and a Streaming Audio Library of 20 Million+ Songs

        Rok Mobile is a unique MVNO that operates on the T-Mobile and Sprint networks.  Today they unleashed a new promotion, that is unrivaled by any other prepaid wireless provider.  The special promotion...
ROK Mobile's LImited Time Promotional Offer $33.33/month Prepaid Wireless Plan

ROK Mobile’s Promotional Offering of Service for $33.33/Month Ends at Midnight

       ROK Mobile has silently been running a promotion.  It's the same promotion they had for the December holiday season.  I do not know how long they have been running this new one but...
ROK Mobile $49.99 No contract

Rok Mobile Holiday Promotion One Year of Service for $399

    Rok Mobile really wants you as a customer, so much so that they have a spectacular offer in place for you for the holidays. Their  service normally runs at $49.99 a month for...
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MVNO List Featuring the 10 Best and Most Unique

UPDATED:3/25/16 Nowadays there are many options for you to consider for those of you looking to save money on your next phone bill.  In fact there are now over 70 MVNO and prepaid providers...

ROK Mobile Banner

Rok Mobile Goes Live

UPDATE: Rok Mobile has officially gone out of testing and is now available for everyone...
ROK Mobile

New MVNO ROK Mobile set to Launch July 4th

There's a new MVNO about to launch, and it will likely will be running as...