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Turns Out ROK Mobile Isn’t Neglecting Verizon Network, Announces Much Improved New Plans

ROK Mobile New Verizon Based Plans
ROK Mobile's New Verizon Based Plans
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Last week ROK Mobile announced a new plan lineup for its Sprint network, adding several new plans, while the companies single Verizon based plan appeared to be little more than a blip on the radar.  The Verizon based plan was not even remotely competitive in the market place.  This seemed to give the appearance to me that perhaps ROK Mobile was considering phasing out Verizon as a network partner.   This idea however now looks to be untrue, as according to at least one ROK Mobile dealer, the company has announced new plans that use the Verizon network, it just hasn't put them on its website.

ROK Mobile's new Verizon based plans for the time being will be dealer exclusives.  That means that you cannot buy them online through the ROK Mobile website, but rather will have to seek out a local dealer to purchase one of them.  The new plans are now competitively priced and are as follows:

ROK Mobile's Updated Verizon Based Plans

With the exception of the $20 plan, all of ROK Mobile's Verizon based plans include unlimited data with the specified amount at high speed before throttling.  All plans include unlimited talk and text.  Pricing for each plan is as follows:

  • $20/month - 1 GB of hard capped high speed data
  • $30/month - unlimited data, first 3 GB at high speed speed
  • $40/month - unlimited data, first 5 GB at high speed data
  • $50/month - unlimited data, first 8 GB at high speed data


These new Verizon based plans are priced identical to ROK Mobile's new Sprint based plans.  The $20 plan is now the cheapest plan in the marketplace where you can get unlimited talk, and text with at least 1 GB of data on the Verizon network.  The $30 plan now offers more data than any other Verizon MVNO at that price point as well.  ROK's $40 plan now makes them the cheapest Verizon based provider to offer unlimited data with the first 5 GB at high speeds.  Those that don't need unlimited data will still find Total Wireless to be of better value as their $35 plan also includes 5 GB of data although it is hard capped and not unlimited.  Those that want access to Verizon's extended network will find BOOM Mobile to be of better value, as the company also offers 5 GB of data at that $40 price point although it is not unlimited.

To see how ROK Mobile's new plans stack up against the competition, check out this list of Verizon MVNO's, or this list of cheap phone plans that cost $30 or less.

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