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Everything You Should Know Before Subscribing


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ROK Mobile Phone Plans

Provider Talk Text Data Price
ROK Mobile Logo ROK Mobile 5 GB Unlimited Online

Network Used: AT&T

Unlimited Unlimited 5 GB $35
ROK Mobile Logo ROK Mobile 10 GB Unlimited Online

Network Used: AT&T

Unlimited Unlimited 10 GB $55


Things To Know About ROK Mobile


ROK Mobile was founded in 2013 and officially launched in the USA in the summer of 2014.

As of sometime in late 2018 ROK Mobile’s website was taken offline indicating the provider stopped offering service.  What follows below is what used to be offered by the provider.

The company is an MVNO of AT&T. Contractually, ROK Mobile may not be allowed to advertise which network it is providing service on. Therefore, it uses plan names such as ROK Blue to signify service on the AT&T network.

ROK Mobile is trying to position itself uniquely in the mobile industry by offering oddities that aren’t usually found in a phone plan. When the company first launched, its phone plans came with a streaming music service that provided its subscribers with access to a music library of over 20 million songs.  Since then, the streaming service has been discontinued and replaced with other perks, some traditional and some not.

All ROK Mobile phone plans include free international calling to over 60 countries and texting to over 120.  Unique to the industry they also include telemedicine and a pharmacy savings plan.

The plans also include a rewards program deemed “ROK Rewards.” Customers earn free rewards every month just for being subscribed.  The rewards can be put to use towards select offers from premier retailers, restaurants and more. Just for signing up, customers get $100 in reward credits, and an additional $100 for every month that their service is maintained.

Additional add on services are also available that provide customers with accidental death insurance, burial and cremation insurance and more. Pricing starts at $5/month.

Some sort of TV service being called ROK TV is also in the works. Details of this future offering are lacking at this time.

Where To Buy Service Plans And SIM Cards

ROK Mobile no longer offers service.

Supported Phones And Devices

Cell phones are unavailable for purchase so you must bring your own to the network. Any phone that is compatible with AT&T will be compatible with ROK Mobile as long as the phone is out of contract, paid off in full, and not reported lost or stolen.  Unlocked T-Mobile phones are also compatible.  Most universally unlocked phones from manufacturer’s such as Motorola and Samsung are compatible with the network.

Customer Support

Customer support is available by email and over the phone.  Support hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday – 8am-5pm PT

Company Highlights

Year Founded: 2013
Networks Used: AT&T
LTE Bands Used: 2, 4, 5, 12, 14, 17, 29, 30, 66,
Support For BYOD: Yes
Sells Phones: No
All Taxes And Fees Included In Price? No
Online Payment Options:

Contact Information

E-mail: No Longer Available
Phone Number: (877) 644-1182

Culver City, California

Social Media Accounts


Porting Out From ROK Mobile

Porting out of ROK Mobile requires that you have your account number and PIN number. ROK Mobile account numbers are the same as your phone number including area code. The PIN number is the same as the last 4 digits of your phone number.

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Anyone had any experience with their AT&T based service? (Against my better judgment), I think I am going to give it a try when my monthly renewal with Cricket comes up. I know they’ve just been booted off Verizon, and that’s upset a lot of people, but I’m going to give their ATT a try and hope to get Wifi Calling activated on my Samsung S8.

Joe P
Joe P

WiFi calling with ROK Mobile is through their app only. It’s not through your native dialer.


What if someone calls my number, while I’m in a bunker with no carrier signal but with wifi calling enabled. Will it still come in?

Joe P
Joe P

It will only work if you have the rok mobile app installed. It is VoIP calling.

Amy Jones
Amy Jones

Rok Mobile has cut off my service (My bill is not due until the 7th they cut off my service on the 25th of July) They allow my to receive calls and text but not send them. I have their only two customer service numbers online (9095977300 and 8776441182) They either always have a busy signal or the answering machine comes on and says the voicemail is full. I would not recommend this company to anyone and I am currently trying to figure out how to get my account number so I can change services.

Dana Borris
Dana Borris

I have read elsewhere that ROK has pulled the plug on service, with no warning, as of yesterday, July 30, 2018… I’m in the same boat, Amy.


I as well have the same issues as Amy. I can receive calls but not send. Any my account online says it’s been disabled, even though I was just invoiced and paid my regular monthly bill a couple days ago…

Are they really defunct altogether?

Dana Borris
Dana Borris

Brent/Amy –

This is the only info I have actually seen regarding ROK Mobile pulling the plug and it’s down in the comments section, so I still haven’t seen official word:

As for the account number and PIN/passcode situation, according to what I have seen: “To port out of ROK Mobile, you will need to use your ROK Mobile account number, which is your phone number & you will also need your passcode or PIN. Your ROK Mobile Passcode is the last 4 digits of your phone number.” (

Hope this helps!

Tami Siekemeyer
Tami Siekemeyer

I’m not sure if I like my service with Rok