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ROK Mobile Sprint Subscribers Need To Find A New Provider

ROK Mobile Sprint Customers Need A New Provider
ROK Mobile Sprint Customers Need A New Provider
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Back in May of this year, ROK Mobile discontinued its Sprint based plans.  Subscribers were allowed to keep whatever Sprint based plan they had, but new subscribers could no longer sign up for one.  Now according to HowardForums and Reddit posters,  it seems those that kept their Sprint based plan will need to find a new provider ASAP.  ROK Mobile is said to be shutting down its Sprint based service plans on 8/31/2018 at 12AM EST.  ROK Mobile will continue to operate solely as an AT&T based provider.

What To Do If You're Still A ROK Mobile Sprint Subscriber

If you're still a ROK Mobile Sprint based subscriber, you need to port out ASAP.  Porting out of ROK Mobile will require you to have your account number and PIN number.  ROK Mobile account numbers are equivalent to a subscriber's phone number including area code.  The PIN number is the last 4 digits of a phone number.

If you are an affected subscriber in need of finding a new provider you should have a look at this list of Sprint MVNO's and this list of cheap phone plans.  Sprint is also offering an unlimited kickstart LTE data plan for $25/month.  However, the offer likely excludes those that already have a line active on a Sprint MVNO.  If you're a ROK Mobile Sprint subscriber or Sprint MVNO customer, the offer is still worth checking out.

Unfortunately this is the second time in the last month that ROK Mobile abruptly ended service on a network.  The last time it happened was with ROK Mobile's Verizon based plan subscribers.  Subscribers had their service ended without prior notification.  At least this time ROK subscribers got a few days notice.

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