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ROK Mobile Offers Unlimited LTE Data Promo For $33/Month, Unlimited International Calling And A Rewards Program

ROK Mobile Offers 3 Months $99 Unlimited Data Promo
ROK Mobile Offers 3 Months $99 Unlimited Data Promo
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ROK Mobile has just announced a new promotional offer just in time for the holiday season.  Those who subscribe to ROK Mobile's unlimited LTE data plan on either the Sprint or Verizon network can get the plan for just $33/month.  To get the promotional rate, subscribers must signup for 3 months of service in advance at a cost of $99.

The promotional offer will last until 12/31/17 and it is available both online and in stores through ROK Mobile's dealership network.

ROK Mobile defines unlimited LTE data as 20GB.  Those that consume more than 20GB of high speed data in a month may have their data speeds reduced for the remainder of their billing cycle.

Besides including 20GB of high speed data, ROK Mobile's unlimited plan also comes with unlimited talk and text and 24/7/365 roadside assistance.

After the 3 months of promotional pricing is up, customers will pay ROK Mobile's regular monthly rate for unlimited data.  On the Sprint network the rate is $45/month and on the Verizon network it is $50/month.

Get 3 Months Of ROK For $99

Free Phone

Get A Free ZTE Prestige From ROK Mobile
Get A Free ZTE Prestige From ROK Mobile

Those who want to take advantage of ROK Mobile's $33/month unlimited plan offer can get a free phone when they subscribe to service on the Sprint network.   The free phone is a ZTE Prestige and it is a bit older having been launched in 2015.  A quick look online shows the ZTE Prestige selling for about $40 if purchased from another carrier.

The ZTE Prestige features a 5 inch screen with a pixel density of 196 ppi.  It is not high definition.  A quad-core 1.1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor is on board as is a 2300 mAh battery.  The main camera has 5 MP while the front facing selfie camera has 2 MP.  There is 8GB of internal storage expandable with a microSD card and 1GB of RAM.

Get A Free Phone From ROK Mobile

Unlimited International Calling And ROK Rewards

International Calling Perks

ROK Mobile has also announced that all of its Sprint based cell phone plans will now come with unlimited international calling and texting.  Customers will now be able to call 60 countries free of charge and text 120 countries.

Those who prefer ROK Mobile's AT&T or Verizon based plans will now get a $5 international calling credit to use every month.  The credit is worth a maximum of 500 minutes each month depending on which country you need to call.

Rewards Program

The company is also introducing a new rewards program.  ROK Mobile customers will now be eligible to receive up to $100 in ROK rewards that are redeemable at more than 500,000 retail outlets.  This includes more than 85,000 local and national restaurant chains.  ROK Mobile rewards will also be redeemable online for access to more than 330,000 local deals on every day items and brands.

"No other company can offer the best prices on the nation's top mobile networks, combined with unlimited international talk and text, plus so many great benefits to help customers live better lives," said John Janes ROK Mobile CEO."

"This is one case where what seems too good to be true – is actually true!" said ROK Mobile Chairman and Co-Founder Jonathan Kendrick. "All of our focus as a company is to deliver tremendous value for customers in our always connected world, while also providing resources that will help make their lives even better."

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Get 3 Months Of ROK For $99

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