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ROK Mobile Now Has Unlimited LTE Data On Verizon Network For $50/Month

ROK Mobile Adds Unlimited Data On Verizon Network
ROK Mobile Adds Unlimited Data Plan That Operates On Verizon Network
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ROK Mobile has been a busy bee this past year, updating its cell phone plans numerous times.  The latest plan changes are for what the company calls its "other CDMA plans," or what we take to mean Verizon, given that it has another set of CDMA plans that are clearly labeled as Sprint Plans.

ROK Mobile has essentially repriced its entire Verizon based lineup, with the most intriguing plan being ROK's new unlimited data plan.  The new unlimited plan includes unlimited talk, text and LTE data as well as 24/7/365 roadside assistance and international calling for $50/month.  This makes ROK Mobile just the 2nd Verizon MVNO to offer an unlimited LTE data plan.

Fellow Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular just recently announced an unlimited data plan priced at $64.95/month.

Comparing the two Verizon MVNO's, ROK Mobile's plan is significantly cheaper than Page Plus Cellular's and there are likely a few reasons for that.

As of right now, only TracFone owned Verizon MVNO's such as Page Plus Cellular offer LTE data at full speeds.  ROK Mobile's LTE data speeds for the time being are limited to 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload.  Furthermore ROK Mobile states that it may temporarily reduce data speeds for those that consume more than 20 GB of data in a month.  This likely can be interpreted as meaning if the network is busy, speeds may be temporarily slowed until there is less traffic on the network.  Page Plus does not state at what point speeds may be temporarily reduced.  Verizon temporarily reduces speeds of its postpaid customers under such circumstances once they have consumed more than 22 GB of data in a month, so that also could be the limit for Page Plus and a difference between Page Plus and ROK Mobile.   I cannot confirm Page Plus's data prioritization threshold at this time, but it's a good bet that it isn't higher than 22 GB.

ROK Mobile's Updated Verizon Plans

In addition to offering a new unlimited LTE data plan, ROK Mobile has made some other changes as well, which can be viewed in the list below.

All plans include unlimited talk and text as well as 24/7/365 roadside assistance.  New feature!  All plans also now include international calling.

  • $20/month - data that is hard capped at 500 MB (previously included 1 GB).
  • New Plan! - $35/month - 4 GB of data that gets throttled to 2G speeds once the high speed allotment has been used up
  • $40/month - 8 GB of data that gets throttled to 2G once the high speed allotment has been used up.  Plan previously included 5 GB of high speed data

Taxes and fees are not included in the prices shown and do cost extra.

ROK Mobile eliminated a $30 plan that included 3 GB of data and a $60 plan that included 10 GB.  A $50/month 8 GB data plan was also previously offered.

With ROK Mobile's new unlimited data plan, Verizon now has an MVNO that can better compete on price with MVNO's from other carrier networks where unlimited data plans start at $45/month.

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