TextNow Is One Of Several Prepaid Brands That Have Recently Launched TV Advertising Campaigns

Pure TalkUSA, TextNow And Visible Have All Launched National TV Advertising Campaigns

Joe Paonessa - Jun 19, 2020
There’s been a big shift in the brands that are spending on national TV advertising Wave7 Research recently reported to its subscribers. Lesser known brands such as TextNow and Pure TalkUSA are working to raise consumer awareness of their offerings through the advertisements. Verizon is also upping its spend on
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Pure TalkUSA Has Updated Its Phone Plans For June 2020

Pure TalkUSA’s Plans Now Have More Data, iPhones On Sale With Select Plan Purchases

Joe Paonessa - Jun 1, 2020
For the second time in less than a year, Pure TalkUSA has updated its wireless plans to include more data. The plan updates are fairly similar to the updates that its sister brand H2O Wireless announced a week and a half ago, although they were not officially released until today.
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Pure TalkUSA's Phone Plans Now Include More Data

Pure TalkUSA Updates Plans With More Data, Get 8GB For $35/Month

Joe Paonessa - Nov 1, 2019
For the past couple of weeks, Pure TalkUSA has been touting on social media that something big is coming on 11/1/19.  Well, that time has finally come and Pure TalkUSA has updated its wireless plans to include more data than before.  The move corresponds with plan changes that leaked out
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Telrite Holdings INC Agrees To Buy Locus Telecommunications

H2O Wireless Bought Out By Pure TalkUSA’s Parent Company Telrite

Joe Paonessa - Jan 22, 2019
Telrite Holdings, Inc. announced today an agreement to purchase Locus Telecommunications pending regulatory approval.  Telrite Holdings, Inc. is the company that owns Pure TalkUSA.  Locus Telecommunications is the owner of the MVNO brands H2O Wireless and EasyGo.  All brands are powered by the AT&T network. If the acquisition gets approved,
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Pure TalkUSA Offering Half Off First Month Of Service

Pure TalkUSA Offering 50% Off First Month To New Customers, Get 10GB Data For $22.50

Joe Paonessa - Dec 13, 2018
Pure TalkUSA is currently offering new subscribers 50% off their first month of service when they subscribe to any plan.  That means you can get unlimited talk, text and data plan with the first 10GB of data at LTE speeds for just $22.50.  After the first month, the plan will
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For The 2nd Time In 3 Months Pure TalkUSA Updates Cell Phone Plans

Slow Data Is Better Than No Data, Pure TalkUSA Removes Hard Data Cap From Plans, Adjusts Prices Accordingly

Joe Paonessa - Sep 27, 2017
Back in July AT&T MVNO Pure TalkUSA updated its cell phone plans to include more data without altering prices.  Today the company let it out through HowardForums that they will again have new plans effective October 1st. The new plans with changes highlighted are below.  All plans now include unlimited
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Pure TalkUSA Doubles Data One Month Free Trial

Pure TalkUSA Doubles Data On Select Plans, Featuring 5 GB Data For $35

Joe Paonessa - Jun 12, 2017
A few months ago I wondered what the impact would be on MVNO’s with all the major carriers moving towards offering unlimited LTE data plans exclusively.  I had hoped to see a benefit to those of us who didn’t want or need unlimited LTE data through the MVNO front. It
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Pure TalkUSA One Month Free Trial

AT&T MVNO Pure TalkUSA Offering 1 Month Free Service For New Customers

Joe Paonessa - May 15, 2017
AT&T MVNO Pure TalkUSA launched a new promotion today offering a free month of service to new subscribers who signup between May 15th and June 30th, 2017.  There are no special promo codes required to signup, and no special purchases are necessary outside of the usual requirement of needing a SIM
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Pure TalkUSA

Pure TalkUSA Updates Select Plans With More High Speed Data

Joe Paonessa - Aug 1, 2016
ATT MVNO Pure TalkUSA has updated two of its Unlimited Plans to include more data, holding one plan at the same price with an increase to the other. The $35 plan got a data hike of 500 MB going from 1.5 GB to 2 GB of 4G LTE.  The $45 plan
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campusSIMs Partners With Pure TalkUSA To Bring Phone Service To International Students

Joe Paonessa - Jun 19, 2016
campusSIMs, formerly a T-Mobile MVNO has announced a new partnership with Pure TalkUSA.  Through the partnership, campusSIMs will be able to provide service to its customers by reselling talk, text, and data that it purchases from Pure TalkUSA.  Pure TalkUSA will in turn provide all network support services to campusSIMs.
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Pure TalkUSA

Pure TalkUSA Updates Select Plans With More Talk, Text and Data, Takes Aim At Consumer Cellular

Joe Paonessa - Apr 7, 2016
Pure TalkUSA, a long time AT&T MVNO has updated its Simple Plan to contain more talk, text and data. The Simple Plan The Simple Plan now contains a maximum of 300 minutes of talk, up to 900 texts, and 50 MB of data with 50 MMS picture messages for $10/month.
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Pure TalkUSA Increases Data On Unlimited Plus Plans

ATT MVNO Pure TalkUSA Adds More Data To Plans: Features Unlimited Talk, Text And 1GB Data $29

Joe Paonessa - Feb 2, 2016
Pure TalkUSA, a prepaid wireless provider that operates on ATT’s network has improved its plans to the point that they are now the only ATT based provider to offer unlimited talk and text with at least 1GB of 4G LTE data for under $30/month.  This new and featured plan will cost
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Pure TalkUSA Announces Product and Phone Service Availability in Sears and Kmart

Joe Paonessa - Aug 12, 2015
Pure TalkUSA announced today that its no contract mobile phone products and services are now available in more than 1,600 Sears and Kmart stores across the USA.  Store available products and services include the ability to purchase sim cards, calling plans and feature phones. Pure TalkUSA has also introduced new
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Pure TalkUSA Military Plans

Pure TalkUSA Launches Special No Contract Phone Plans For All Current and Former USA Military Members

Joe Paonessa - Aug 2, 2015
Pure TalkUSA is Now Offering Discounts to Current and Former USA Military Members Pure TalkUSA, an ATT MVNO has recently launched some newly discounted plans aimed at current and former USA military members. The new military plans are entitled “Serve & Save” and the MVNO has teamed up with Shop
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Pure TalkUSA 4G LTE

Pure TalkUSA an ATT MVNO Now Offering 4G LTE

Joe Paonessa - Jul 8, 2015
Pure TalkUSA Now Offers 4G LTE Data Speeds Not that long ago Pure TalkUSA updated and lowered their pricing to make their plans a little more competitively priced. Their most competitive plan costs $28.95 with unlimited talk and text, 400 MMS and 500 MB of data. This makes them one
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