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PureTalk’s Latest TV Ad And Offer Is A Pitch For A Free Samsung Galaxy Phone

PureTalk Free Samsung Galaxy A15
PureTalk Free Samsung Galaxy A15
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PureTalk has launched a new promotion offering a free Samsung Galaxy A15, as noted by Wave7 Research in its latest prepaid market report. This deal, described by Wave7 Research as a tax season offer, aligns with the period when wireless brands traditionally introduce their tax season offers. The free phone deal appears to have been first been announced through a Facebook post by PureTalk on February 12.

A new TV ad launched on February 14 to more broadly market the free Samsung Galaxy phone offer. Video posts on Youtube and the X platform were also released although on different days. All feature the new tagline: "PureTalk, Answer The Call." The tagline first appeared in this TV ad that launched on January 16, 2024. The previous tagline was "Simply. Smarter. Wireless."

Wave7 Research noted in its report that PureTalk also continues to be pitched by the hosts of conservative talk radio shows, including Sean Hannity, Clay & Buck, and Armstrong and Getty among others. The pitches typically mention that you can save nearly $1k annually by switching to PureTalk with an offer of 50% off the first month presented.

PureTalk's New TV Ad Leaves The Door Open To Switching Free Phone Offers

PureTalk's latest TV ad, entitled "Join Your Fellow Americans: Free Samsung 5G," features a man sitting on the tailgate of his pickup truck emphatically stating "At PureTalk, free means exactly what this country is meant to be. Free." Viewers are then pitched an offer of a "free Samsung 5G smartphone." However, no specific brand model is mentioned. This opens the door for PureTalk to switch up what phone they offer for free while continuing to air the same ad. The ad continues with the viewer stating the phone comes with a rugged screen that's as strong and durable as the person using it. Viewers are told they can get unlimited talk, text, and data on the most dependable 5G network for half the cost of the big 3 with a $35 price point shown. PureTalk operates as an AT&T MVNO.

The $35/month plan is the minimum one customers must signup with to get the free phone offer. PureTalk's $35/month plan includes 15GB of high-speed data before data speeds are throttled to 256Kbps. It also comes with an independent allotment of 5GB of data that can be used for hotspot. The free phone deal also requires subscribers to agree to a 30-month service term. Cancellation of service prior to 30-months will require customers to repay the remaining balance on their device subsidy.

The TV ad finishes with the narrator telling the audience to call PureTalk if they want to get a free phone with the "Answer The Call" tagline shown. The offer is also available online through the PureTalk website. You can watch the full TV ad down below.

“It’s tax season and PureTalk’s offer is a free Galaxy A15 for switchers. The MVNO’s ground game continues to be a strong presence on talk radio, where hosts are pitching big savings versus the top national carriers.” – Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

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