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Pure TalkUSA’s Plans Now Have More Data, iPhones On Sale With Select Plan Purchases

Pure TalkUSA Has Updated Its Phone Plans For June 2020
Pure TalkUSA Has Updated Its Phone Plans For June 2020
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For the second time in less than a year, Pure TalkUSA has updated its wireless plans to include more data. The plan updates are fairly similar to the updates that its sister brand H2O Wireless announced a week and a half ago, although they were not officially released until today.

Pure TalkUSA's Plan Updates Highlighted

The only change to Pure TalkUSA's plans is that they include more data. There are no pricing changes. A summary of the plan updates is shown below.

Unless stated otherwise, all plans include unlimited talk, text, and data with the specified amount of data at 4G LTE data speeds before throttling to 2G data speeds or 128 kbps.

  • $20/month - 2GB high-speed data, previously 1GB
  • $25/month - 4GB high-speed data, previously 3GB
  • $30/month - 6GB high-speed data, previously 5GB
  • $35/month - 10GB high-speed data, previously 8GB
  • $45/month - 25GB high-speed data, previously 15GB
  • $55/month - unlimited** data

**Pure TalkUSA is referring to the plan as having unlimited talk, text, and data. However, it is not outright advertised with a high-speed data cap but it does have one. After 30GB of data usage, customers will experience slower data speeds. Previously, this plan came with 22GB of high-speed data.

Pure TalkUSA does offer multi-line discounts. Customers with 2 lines receive 10% off their total bill, subscribers with 3 lines get 15% off, and subscribers with 4 lines get 20% off. Language on Pure TalkUSA's website suggests that autopay billing may be required to get the discount and that multi-line discounts are only available with the unlimited plan. However, when I added the $35 and $25 plans to my shopping cart I was given the multi-line discount. So the language on Pure TalkUSA's website may need to be updated.

Customers interested in one of the new plans can take note that they do come with a risk-free guarantee. Subscribers have until the end of their first month of service and can use up to 500 minutes or 500MB of data to be eligible for a refund on their phone plan if they are unhappy with the network. Pure TalkUSA runs on AT&T towers.

Pure TalkUSA Is Offering iPhone Discounts

Shoppers who subscribe to Pure TalkUSA's $45 or $55 plan can get a discount of $250 off on the price of an iPhone. The following iPhones are available at a discount.

  • iPhone SE 64GB - $149, regularly $399
  • iPhone SE 128GB - $199, regularly $449
  • iPhone SE 256GB - $299, regularly $549
  • iPhone 7 32GB - $149, regularly $399
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32GB - $249, regularly $499
  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB - $299, regularly $549
  • iPhone XR 64GB - $349, regularly $599
  • iPhone XR 128GB - $399, regularly $649
  • iPhone 11 64GB - $449, regularly $699
  • iPhone 11 Pro 64GB - $749, regularly $999
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB - $849, regularly $1099
  • iPhone 11 Pro 256GB - $899, regularly $1149

Pure TalkUSA does not specify if its phones are sold locked to the network. Customers can trade in old phones to get a discount on a new one. Besides iPhones, several Android brands are also carried including Samsung, Google, and Nokia, but no discounts are currently available with those brands. Update: 6/4/2020 - a representative from Pure TalkUSA reached out to state that their phones are sold unlocked. Although the discount is immediate and upfront, customers must stay with Pure TalkUSA for 24 months to keep the full discount. Those that leave early will be charged back a prorated portion of the discount. For instance, a customer that leaves after 12 months will have to pay back $125 of the $250 discount.

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