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PureTalk Adds Tablet Plans Starting At $10/Month, Increases Throttled Data Speeds

PureTalk Adds Tablet Plans And New Phone Plan
PureTalk Adds Tablet Plans And New Phone Plan
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Yesterday, BestMVNO reported that PureTalk added support for eSIM. Today, BestMVNO has learned that PureTalk is now selling data only tablet plans. The MVNO has also updated its throttled data speeds and added a new phone plan.

PureTalk's Tablet Plans

PureTalk's tablet plans start at $10/month for a plan with 2GB of high-speed data. PureTalk is offering two other tablet plans. Together, the plans are priced as follows:

  • $10/month - 2GB
  • $20/month - 5GB
  • $30/month - 10GB

What's interesting here is that after each plan's high-speed data allotment gets hit, data speeds actually throttle to 256Kbps. Pure Talk updated its throttled data speeds this month by doubling them, and that means its phone plan users will benefit from the improved speeds as well.

Previously, PureTalk's throttled data speeds were capped at 128Kbps. While 256Kbps is certainly not fast, it should be fast enough to stream audio and with a little patience, browse the web. Video streaming though may also work, but at a much lower resolution than you may be accustomed to with even more patience required to watch.

PureTalk's tablet plans are actually priced below their phone plans for a given data allotment. And that's not always the case at other providers. Straight Talk Wireless for instance, offers a tablet plan with 10GB of data for $50/month but sells an unlimited data phone plan with 5GB of hotspot data for $45/month. Comparatively, PureTalk's got a phone plan for $36/month for two lines with 2GB of data per line, and single line plans priced at $25/month for 4GB of data and $30/month for 6GB of data before throttling. PureTalk's phone plans do top out at $65/month for a plan with 60GB of high-speed data and 25GB of hotspot. The $65 phone plan from PureTalk is a new addition to their phone plan lineup. PureTalk's full phone plan lineup now looks like this:

  • $25/month - 4GB data
  • $30/month - 6GB data
  • $35/month - 10GB data
  • $45/month - 20GB data
  • $55/month - 60GB of data of which 15GB can be used for hotspot
  • $65/month - 60GB of data of which 25GB can be used for hotspot

All plans include unlimited talk, text, and data with data speeds throttled after the high-speed allotment is reached. Customers with 2-lines save 10% on their bill, 3-lines 15%, and 4-lines 20%. The multi-line discounts are available on both tablets and phone plans.

PureTalk operates as an AT&T MVNO.

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