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New GreatCall Endcap Spotted At Best Buy By Wave7 Research Analyst

GreatCall Gains Larger Presence Within Best Buy To Mark Launch Of Lively Wearable2

Joe Paonessa - Mar 24, 2020
Over two years ago Best Buy surprised many with its $800 million purchase of GreatCall Inc and its 900,000+ subscriber base. Best Buy purchased the brand as a way to expand its revenue streams through entry into the connected health sector.  GreatCall sells wearables, phones and plans and services geared
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Best Buy Has Sprint's Unlimited Kickstart Plan For $25/Month

Sprint’s $25/Month Unlimited Kickstart Plan Is Back But Only At Best Buy

Joe Paonessa - Feb 17, 2020
Sprint has once again lowered the price of its Unlimited Kickstart plan from $35/month down to $25/month.  The catch is the plan is only available at Best Buy.  The plan is being marketed alongside Best Buy’s long-running deal of “save up to $100 on unlocked phones” when activated on Sprint.
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Save $10/Month On Cricket Unlimited Plan With Purchase Of Unlocked Phone At Best Buy

Buy Unlocked Phone At Best Buy Get $10/Month Off A Cricket Wireless Unlimited Plan For 12 Months

Joe Paonessa - Feb 17, 2020
Best Buy is currently offering $10/month off for 12 months on a Cricket Wireless unlimited plan with the purchase of an unlocked phone.  Also available, customers can save $10/month in bill credits with the purchase of two new Cricket Wireless Samsung Galaxy A10e’s or Alcatel Onyx phones and activation on
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Best Buy Tracfone Brands 2nd Month Free Offer

Best Buy Has A 2nd Month Free Deal With Tracfone, Simple Mobile And Total Wireless

Joe Paonessa - Nov 4, 2019
Best Buy is currently running a low-key in-store promotion involving several Tracfone brands including Tracfone, Simple Mobile and Total Wireless.  Customers who purchase a new Android device and activate in-store get their second month of wireless service free of charge. Offer Details And Fine Print This is an in-store only
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FreedomPop Phone Plans Are On Sale At Both Target (Pictured Above) And Best Buy

FreedomPop Plans On Sale At Both Target And Best Buy, Get 1GB LTE Data For $3/Month

Joe Paonessa - Mar 18, 2019
FreedomPop phone plans are currently on sale at both Best Buy and Target.  The plans that are on sale are multi-month plans.  Customers can choose from either a 3-month plan or a couple of annual plans.  The best cheap plan option includes unlimited talk and text with 1GB of monthly
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Unreal Mobile Plans Are On Sale For Twenty Percent Off At Best Buy

Unreal Mobile Multi-Month Plans Are 20% Off At Best Buy, Get 5GB Data For $16/Month

Joe Paonessa - Mar 4, 2019
Best Buy is currently offering a nice discount on Unreal Mobile’s multi-month plans.  Shoppers can get 20% off on the purchase of one of three available plans.  Perhaps the best deal is a 3-month unlimited talk, text, and data plan where the first 5GB of data each month is at
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Cricket Wireless Offering Double Data At Walmart

Cricket Wireless Offering Double Data At Walmart, Get 10GB Of Data For $35/Month

Joe Paonessa - Feb 28, 2019
Cricket Wireless has launched a double your data promo exclusively at Walmart. Those who subscribe to Cricket Wireless’s $40 plan that is $35 with AutoPay billing enabled, will get 10GB of LTE data a month for 1 year.  The plan normally comes with 5GB of LTE data and it does
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ATT Prepaid Target Fifty Dollar Gift Card Offer

Target And Best Buy Are Giving Away $50 Gift Cards With Purchase Of AT&T Prepaid Phone

Joe Paonessa - Feb 27, 2019
AT&T Prepaid is running a tax season promotional offer at both Target and Best Buy.  Customers who purchase a phone from either store and activate on a prepaid plan priced $50 or higher will receive a $50 gift card.  The gift card will be applicable to whichever store the phone
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Best Buy Acquires GreatCall

GreatCall Acquired By Best Buy In $800 Million Deal

Joe Paonessa - Aug 16, 2018
Best Buy announced that it has acquired GreatCall Inc for $800 million.  The move was made to help expand Best Buy’s reach into the growing health space.  The deal comes hot on the heals of Consumer Cellular’s recent launch into Best Buy stores.  Consumer Cellular is a brand that has
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FreedomPop Moto E2 Trial Offer

FreedomPop Now Offering Moto E2 With 2 Week Trial For $9.99

Joe Paonessa - May 17, 2018
FreedomPop is now giving away the 2nd generation Motorola E for $9.99.  With the purchase of the phone comes a 2 week trial of FreedomPop’s service on its CDMA network partner Sprint. Additionally the MVNO’s Best Buy exclusive plans are now on sale.  A new trial offer of the company’s GSM
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FreedomPop Best Buy Exclusive Plan

FreedomPop GSM Plan Includes Unlimited Talk, Text, MMS And 1GB Data For Under $5/Month

Joe Paonessa - Apr 21, 2018
FreedomPop has launched some Best Buy exclusive plans.  The MVNO says that the plans are compatible with GSM devices from networks such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Cricket. Given that FreedomPop has a partnership with AT&T, we can safely infer that these plans run on the AT&T network. Pricing starts at
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Best Buy Offering 20% Off Cricket Wireless Refill Cards With Purchase Of SIM Kit Or Unlocked Phone

Cricket Wireless Customers Can Get 20% Off Their Refill Cards With Purchase Of A SIM Or Phone At Best Buy

Joe Paonessa - Feb 28, 2018
Best Buy is currently running a sale on Cricket Wireless refill cards.  Those that purchase a refill card in conjunction with either a SIM card or a phone will get 20% off their refill card purchase.  Customers who purchase a phone, SIM card and refill card will receive an additional
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Mint SIM 3 Free Months Of Service On Select Plan With Purchase Of Unlocked Smartphone From Best Buy

Mint SIM Giving Away 3 Free Months Of Service When You Purchase An Unlocked Phone From Best Buy

Joe Paonessa - Oct 30, 2017
Mint SIM launched a promotion today in conjunction with its exclusive retail partner Best Buy.  The limited time offer gives subscribers 3 free months of unlimited talk, text and data with the first 2 GB at high speed when they purchase an unlocked device from Best Buy. Mint SIM calls
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Huawei Union Virgin Mobile Sale

Best Buy Has the Huawei Union For $29.99

Joe Paonessa - Jan 11, 2016
Best Buy is currently selling the Virgin Mobile Huawei Union for $29.99.  The phone is said to work with Ringplus and other Sprint MVNOs such as Ting. The Huawei Union features the following: 1.1 GHz Quand Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 MSM8909 processor Android 5.1 Lollipop 5.0MP rear facing camera but
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