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Boss Wireless Closing Down

Boss Wireless Shutting Down, Effective July 1, 2024

Joe Paonessa - May 31, 2024
Thanks to a reader tip, BestMVNO has learned that Boss Wireless is shutting down. There’s a banner on the provider’s homepage that reads: We regret to inform you that BOSS Wireless will discontinue operations on July 1st, 2024. All cellular services, including voice, text, and data, will be terminated at
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Screenshot Of NET10 Wireless Website As It Appears To Be Closing

Verizon Appears Ready To Shutdown NET10 Wireless

Joe Paonessa - Aug 16, 2023
NET10 Wireless appears to be headed to the recycling bin. A visit to the NET10 Wireless website today surprisingly led me to be pitched Simple Mobile service. A new tab on the website says “New Changes Coming,” while a banner reads “No contracts, no credit checks, no hidden fees. Make
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Nebula Wireless Acquired And Closed

Nebula Wireless Closes Down, Porting Out Is Urgent

Joe Paonessa - Aug 15, 2023
BestMVNO has learned from a reader tip that Nebula Wireless, which initiated an Indiegogo campaign in November 2022 to prepare for its commercial debut, has now shut down. Nebula was formally launched to the general public in January 2023. Its lifespan on the market, even for an MVNO, was very
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Yahoo Mobile Will End Service By August 31, 2021

Yahoo Mobile To Shut Off No Later Than August 31

Joe Paonessa - Jun 17, 2021
Last month, Verizon announced that it was selling its media business division that includes AOL and Yahoo to private equity firm Apollo Global Management for $5 billion. Verizon said it will raise $4.25 billion in cash from the sale and will retain a 10% stake in the new company which will
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Venn Mobile May Be Forced To Permanently Close

Venn Mobile’s Service Has Shut Down & May Be Permanent, Teltik Could Be Next

Joe Paonessa - Jun 27, 2020
Venn Mobile launched wireless service in late January 2020 featuring one unlimited everything plan with 50GB of mobile hotspot for $30/month. Venn Mobile is run by the same people behind the T-Mobile business plan reseller Teltik. With Teltik in operation since 2016, I had confidence in Venn Mobile’s launch at
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ZIP SIM Will Shutdown On June 30, 2020

ZIP SIM Is Shutting Down Due To Impact Of Covid-19, Here Is What You Need To Know

Joe Paonessa - May 27, 2020
ZIP SIM, an MVNO that specializes in temporary phone plans designed for travelers to the USA is shutting down. The company sent out an email today notifying its subscribers the reason for its exit from the wireless market place. “To call COVID-19’s impact on travel, “severe” would be an understatement.
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DataPass Has Closed Down

DataPass Has Quietly Shut Down

Joe Paonessa - Mar 22, 2019
DataPass was a multi-carrier partner MVNO.  The company offered service plans on the T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon networks.  The MVNO burst onto the scene in early 2018 by offering an unlimited LTE data plan on the Sprint network for just $39/month.  At launch, it was the cheapest unlimited data plan
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TPO Mobile Officially Announces US Closure

TPO Mobile Announces Official USA Closure, Customers Will Be Migrated To Ting

Joe Paonessa - Nov 28, 2018
Word broke in May that TPO Mobile may be exiting the USA market.  A short while later TPO Mobile sent out a notice to its shareholders that it was working on a deal with Ting to migrate its customer base there.  Now both items have finally come to fruition. TPO
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TPO Mobile Likely Closing Down US Business

TPO Mobile Likely To End Service, Here Are Some Providers You Can Port To

Joe Paonessa - May 18, 2018
Que up Freddy Mercury and Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust.  It looks like U.K. stationed TPO Mobile is about to exit the USA market. A few days ago TPO Mobile sent out a press release to its investors detailing the MVNO’s financial position.  From November through April the company’s
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Harbor Mobile Is Discontinuing Service For Its Remaining T-Mobile Customers

Harbor Mobile Legacy Subscribers Need To Find A New Provider

Joe Paonessa - Nov 10, 2017
Harbor Mobile was a T-Mobile and ATT business plan reseller. Over two years ago the company stopped selling service on the T-Mobile network.  At that time its customers were told that they would be able to keep their T-Mobile based plans indefinitely as Harbor Mobile converted over to an AT&T
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Kajeet Mobile Closing Down Effective 8/23/2017

Kajeet Mobile Closing Down, Switch To Any TPO Mobile Plan And Get Your First Month For One Cent

Joe Paonessa - Jul 20, 2017
Kajeet has been notifying its subscribers that they will be ending cell phone service effective 8/23/2017.  The company has stopped activating new lines, and has partnered with TPO Mobile who will give former Kajeet customers one month of service for just 1¢. The offer is available for all TPO Mobile
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After A Little Over A Year In Business, Charge Decides To Shut Down

Data Only Provider “Charge” Is Shutting Down

Joe Paonessa - Jun 1, 2017
Charge launched itself into the MVNO stratosphere with good intentions in early 2016.  The Sprint MVNO hoped to differentiate itself from other providers by offering data only plans for smartphones and tablets.  There are only a handful of providers who cater to this particular niche and Charge saw it as an
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Mast Mobile Closes Down

Mast Mobile Provider Of Business Plans Is Closing Down

Joe Paonessa - May 19, 2017
Mast Mobile launched with much promise over 1 year ago.  The company was started in part by two former Virgin Mobile executives who together with a couple of other partners were able to raise $12 million in venture funding.  That’s no small feat given how highly competitive the MVNO market
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EnVie Mobile Abruptly Halts Service

Another One Bites The Dust: enVie Mobile Abruptly Stops Providing Service

Joe Paonessa - Mar 11, 2017
Prepaid Phone News picked up a bit of information stating that enVie Mobile was shutting down and rather abruptly.  EnVie Mobile has since confirmed this on their own website. EnVie Mobile has issued the following vague statement in regards to the closing: Due to circumstances beyond our control with our
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RingPlus Sues Sprint Closes Down

Sprint Lies, Ringplus Sues, Service Halted And Subscribers Forced To Look For A New Provider

Joe Paonessa - Feb 4, 2017
It looks like subscribers of the Sprint MVNO Ringplus will have to find a new MVNO provider.  Ringplus sent out a notice to its subscribers yesterday that it will be forced to cease operations on February 11th, 2017 as Sprint intends to cut off services at that point to the
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