Kajeet Mobile Closing Down Effective 8/23/2017
Kajeet Mobile Closing Down Effective 8/23/2017


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Kajeet has been notifying its subscribers that they will be ending cell phone service effective 8/23/2017.  The company has stopped activating new lines, and has partnered with TPO Mobile who will give former Kajeet customers one month of service for just 1¢.

The offer is available for all TPO Mobile plans which range in price from $10/month for 500 minutes, texts and 250 MB of 4G LTE data to $45/month for unlimited talk and text with 4 GB of 4G LTE data.  Pick any TPO Mobile plan that you want and you can get it for 1¢ if you are porting from Kajeet, and the offer is possibly available to anyone who signs up with TPO Mobile through TPO Mobile's special promotional page.

Kajeet was a Sprint MVNO that had been in business since 2006.  The company focused on offering plans geared towards children.  In recent times the MVNO had become particularly non competitive in the marketplace, as their plans were quite expensive compared to other Sprint MNO's.  For instance, the companies most expensive plan included unlimited talk and text with 2 GB of 4G LTE data for $49.99/month which is a price that's higher than what unlimited LTE data plans currently start at.

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Kajeet's main focus of course was not to offer the cheapest plans possible but rather to offer a way for parents to monitor and somewhat control their children's phone usage.  For instance, parental controls existed that allowed parents to set the times that their child's phone could and could not be used, it gave them control over what features on the phone could be used and allowed them to restrict access to various websites.

Kajeet posted the following on their website to explain why they have decided to close down:


In order to expand our mission in the growing education market to help kids succeed in school, we will close our cell phone business on August 23, 2017. As of today, we will no longer activate phones on Kajeet. Service for existing customers will end on August 23, 2017.

You have until Aug. 23 to move your mobile number to a wireless carrier of your choosing. To help make this simple for our customers, we have partnered with TPO Mobile who will offer competitive rates, outstanding service, and give Kajeet customers the first month for 1 cent.

We are thankful to the thousands of devoted parents who chose our cell phone service to safely connect and communicate with their kids over the years. We look forward to making a difference in the lives of school children for years to come.

If you're interested in taking TPO Mobile up on their promotional offer, head on over to the TPO Mobile website, or find another Sprint MVNO to port over to.

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(Updated) Ting is also offering a $35 credit to accounts that port over from Kajeet and a $25 credit for each additional line that's ported over.

Neither TPO Mobile or Ting offer parental controls like Kajeet did.

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