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TPO Mobile Announces Official USA Closure, Customers Will Be Migrated To Ting

TPO Mobile Officially Announces US Closure
TPO Mobile Officially Announces US Closure
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Word broke in May that TPO Mobile may be exiting the USA market.  A short while later TPO Mobile sent out a notice to its shareholders that it was working on a deal with Ting to migrate its customer base there.  Now both items have finally come to fruition.

TPO Mobile has posted on its website that it is indeed closing and its customers will be migrated over to Ting.  Ting also posted on its website a welcome message for its incoming subscribers. Subscribers who opt to will have their numbers ported over and so will their TPO Mobile account balances.   TPO Mobile is notifying its subscribers via email details of the shutdown and how to switch over to Ting.

TPO Mobile  has always donated 10% of a customers bill to a charity of their choice.  Ting is honoring that tradition by making a one time donation of $10 to the Planet Water Foundation for each subscriber that migrates over.  TPO claims this was the most popular charity customers donated to on their platform.

Ting is definitely not the cheapest provider out there.   Prices start at $6/month just to have a line active.  For up to 100 minutes subscribers are billed $3, for up to 100 texts $3 and for up to 100MB of data $3.  So for all those allotments plus the line access fee a customer would pay $15/month for service plus taxes.  Now pricing isn't everything to everyone.  Ting is known for providing its customers with a great customer support experience.  That's something that is hard to come by in the MVNO industry.

Just like TPO Mobile did, Ting is an MVNO that operates on both the Sprint and T-Mobile networks.  If you're looking for a cheaper plan or for more features than what Ting can provide you with, you may want to have a look at this T-Mobile MVNO list or this Sprint MVNO list.  It may also be worth checking out this list of phone plans that are currently on sale.

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