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ZIP SIM Will Shutdown On June 30, 2020

ZIP SIM Is Shutting Down Due To Impact Of Covid-19, Here Is What You Need To Know

Joe Paonessa - May 27, 2020
ZIP SIM, an MVNO that specializes in temporary phone plans designed for travelers to the USA is shutting down. The company sent out an email today notifying its subscribers the reason for its exit from the wireless market place. “To call COVID-19’s impact on travel, “severe” would be an understatement.
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Verizon Prepaid Offering New $10/Month Online Exclusive Discount

Verizon Prepaid Offering Massive Discounts, Get 16GB Of Data For $35/Month

Joe Paonessa - May 8, 2020
Well, Verizon Prepaid has finally done it and changed up their promotions. The carrier has had a long-running double data promo, and although that remains intact, some plans now come with a massive discount. Verizon’s $70 unlimited LTE data plan and $50 plan with 16GB of high-speed data now both
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Gen Mobile Offers 5GB Of Free Bonus Data On Select Plans During COVID-19 Crisis

Gen Mobile’s COVID-19 Response Offer Is For 5GB Of Free Data

Joe Paonessa - Apr 18, 2020
Gen Mobile is the latest wireless provider to come out with an offer to help its subscribers cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.  New and existing customers on a plan priced $15 or higher will receive an extra 5GB of high-speed data with their plan at no extra charge.  New customers
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H2O Wireless Launches Online Sales Program To Help Retailers Get Through COVID-19 Crisis

H2O Wireless Launches Online Sales Program To Help Dealers Cope With The COVID-19 Crisis

Joe Paonessa - Apr 14, 2020
H2O Wireless has launched a new online sales program that is designed to help dealers to be able to continue their business online during the COVID-19 crisis.  Normally dealers only sell H2O Wireless plans in-store with the exception of a handful that sell through online retailers such as eBay and
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TextNow Offering Those Impacted By COVID-19 Free Phone And Free Plan

TextNow’s COVID-19 Response Gives Customers Free Phone And Free Plan

Joe Paonessa - Apr 14, 2020
TextNow is a wireless provider that operates on the Sprint network and also over WiFi.  In late January the company unveiled a free wireless plan that it said was years in the making.  The plan makes use of VoIP and the aforementioned networks to offer subscribers unlimited talk and text. 
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All Monthly Red Pocket Mobile Plans Are Now $5 For The First Month

All Red Pocket Mobile Plans Are Now $5 For First Month Including Unlimited Data Plan

Joe Paonessa - Apr 10, 2020
A week after Red Pocket Mobile launched some promo plans to help consumers get through the country’s current health crisis, the company has launched another promo.  All new customers can signup for any monthly Red Pocket Mobile plan for just $5 for their first month of service.  This offer includes
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AT&T Prepaid $25 Auto-pay Discount On $75 Unlimited Plan

AT&T Prepaid’s Best Unlimited Plan Is $25 Off, Plus Refer A Friend Get $25 Account Credit

Joe Paonessa - Apr 10, 2020
AT&T has some new prepaid wireless offers out.  Customers who refer a friend to A&T Prepaid will receive a $25 account credit while their friend will receive a $75 account credit.  AT&T Prepaid’s $75 top unlimited data plan is also discounted by its largest amount ever when auto-pay billing is
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Metro By-T-Mobile Ends Relationships With All Non-Exclusive Stores, Online Sales Have Returned

Joe Paonessa - Apr 6, 2020
In February, T-Mobile laid off a number of employees within its Metro By-T-Mobile prepaid business.  The move shook up the industry as T-Mobile had long promised that the T-Mobile-Sprint merger would lead to more jobs and more competition in the wireless space.  Shortly after the layoffs, the Communications Workers of
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Red Pocket Mobile Special Offers During COVID-19 Pandemic

Red Pocket Mobile’s COVID-19 Offers Include $19 Plan With 8GB Of Data

Joe Paonessa - Apr 3, 2020
Red Pocket Mobile has launched limited-time offers to help those impacted by COVID-19 stay connected.  The company is adjusting the amount of data included with several phone plans.  Their data-only plans have also been altered. Phone Plan Specials Red Pocket Mobile operates on all 4 major networks in the USA. 
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Boost Mobile Offers 2GB $15 Plan During COVID-19 Pandemic

Boost Mobile’s $15 2GB Phone Plan Is A Clone Of Metro’s, Includes Hard Data Cap

Joe Paonessa - Apr 3, 2020
Sprint/T-Mobile put out a press release today touting a new limited-time plan offer from Boost Mobile.  Boost Mobile is now offering a phone plan with unlimited talk and text and 2GB of data.  Unfortunately, that data is hard-capped just like it is with Metro By T-Mobile’s $15/month limited-time plan offer.
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Tello Mobile Responds To COVID-19 Pandemic With Double Data And Talk Offer

Tello Mobile’s COVID-19 Response Gives All Subscribers Double Data And Talk

Joe Paonessa - Mar 31, 2020
Tello Mobile launched a new offer today to help those out impacted by COVID-19.  Through May 29, 2020, all new and current Tello Mobile subscribers will get double data and talk with their plans at no additional cost.  The increased talk and data allotments are available immediately. Tello Mobile allows
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Cricket Wireless Has Updated Promos For March 2020

Cricket Wireless Updates Phone Promos Provides All Details About $15 2GB Plan

Joe Paonessa - Mar 27, 2020
Cricket Wireless updated its phone promos today and provided more details about the $15 2GB unlimited plan they announced yesterday.  Besides unlimited talk, text and data with the first 2GB of data at high-speed each month, it was revealed that the plan will come with data speed limits.  Like a
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AT&T Prepaid And Cricket Wireless Offer $15 Phone Plan

AT&T Is The First To Respond To T-Mobile With A 2GB $15/Month Plan

Joe Paonessa - Mar 26, 2020
Yesterday, T-Mobile officially launched a prepaid plan with unlimited talk and text and 2GB of hard capped data for $15/month.  A similar plan is being temporarily offered on Metro-By-T-Mobile as well.  Today, AT&T has responded with offers of its own.  Starting on March 27th, AT&T Prepaid will offer an unlimited
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Metro by T-Mobile Dealers Have Reduced Hours Due To COVID-19 Concerns

Most Prepaid Carrier Brand Stores Remain Open Amid Coronavirus Fears

Joe Paonessa - Mar 24, 2020
According to a recent survey by Wave7 Research, most carrier prepaid and dealer stores have remained open as nationwide worry over the spread of the COVID-19 virus continues.  Although a majority remain open, many do have reduced hours and different markets and brands are handling the situation with varied responses. 
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