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Cricket Wireless Updates Phone Promos Provides All Details About $15 2GB Plan

Cricket Wireless Has Updated Promos For March 2020
Cricket Wireless Has Updated Promos For March 2020
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Cricket Wireless updated its phone promos today and provided more details about the $15 2GB unlimited plan they announced yesterday.  Besides unlimited talk, text and data with the first 2GB of data at high-speed each month, it was revealed that the plan will come with data speed limits.  Like a majority of Cricket's phone plans download speeds are limited to a maximum of 8Mbps.  The plan is also not eligible for multi-line discounts or autopay discounts.  However, customers with multiple lines can signup for it, but each line will still be billed at a rate of $15/month.  The $15 plan also prohibits mobile hotspot and customers have the option to use Stream More to save bandwidth and keep videos streaming at a resolution of 480p.  The feature can be turned off.  Additional data can be added to the plan priced at $10 per 1GB.

Cricket is now selling the plan online and in stores.

Cricket Wireless's Updated Phone Offers

Cricket has also updated and extended its tax season promos.  All the latest featured promos can be found in the table below.

Phone/DeviceRegular Retail PriceUpgrade/New Line PricePort-In Pricing
Alcatel ONYX$119.99$39.99Free*
LG Stylo 5$229.99$149.99$79.99
LG Escape Plus$119.99$49.99Free*
LG Harmony 3$139.99$69.99$29.99
Nokia 3.1c$139.99$49.99Free*
Nokia 3.1 Plus$159.99$99.99$49.99
Samsung Galaxy A10e$149.99$79.99$39.99
Samsung J2 Pure$119.99$39.99Free
Alcatel Insight$79.99$29.99Free
Alcatel SMARTFLIP$49.99$49.99$49.99
Alcatel Quickflip$59.99$29.99$29.99
Cricket Icon$79.99$19.99Free
LG Fortune 2$99.99$39.99Free
Moto G7 Supra$179.99$99.99Free*
Netgear Hotspot$119.99$99.99$99.99

*Denotes free with the purchase of a Cricket Wireless unlimited plan.  Cricket's unlimited data plans start at $55/month or $50 with autopay billing enabled.

The previous pricing for each model can be found here.

Unfortunately, discount pricing on several iPhone models has changed for the worse since the offers were last covered by BestMVNO.  Here are the Cricket's featured iPhone promos:

  • iPhone 6s 32GB, starts at $149.99
  • iPhone 6s Plus 32GB, starts at $199.99
  • iPhone 7 32GB, starts at $199.99, previously $49.99
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32GB, starts at $249.99, previously $99.99

Lady Red's Tech Reviews who regularly Vlogs about all things Cricket Wireless, did a live stream unveil of the new plan and the updated phone promos this morning and took questions from her viewers.  You can check out the unveiling and find out more about the offers just described in this article in the video below.

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