Independent Verizon Prepaid Dealers Offering Double The Data For Life

Verizon Prepaid Customers Get Double The Data For Life Through Independent Dealers

Joe Paonessa - May 3, 2018
Last year Verizon began testing sales of its prepaid service through exclusive dealers. Today, some of those dealers are now offering double the data for life on all Verizon Prepaid plans that have high speed data limits. Dealers using the Vidapay platform have the special pricing. Verizon Prepaid Double The Data For
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Are Carrier Samsung Galaxy S9 BOGO Offers Really Worth It

Which Samsung Galaxy S9 Deal Will Cost You More? Verizon’s BOGO Or Buying Two Unlocked Directly From Samsung?

Joe Paonessa - Mar 16, 2018
Buy one get one, otherwise known as BOGO offers are a tool that carriers often use to get you to buy the latest devices on a payment plan that keep you locked into their network. The idea of getting a phone for free certainly sounds appealing, but is it really
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Verizon Wireless Storefront In Canby Oregon

Verizon Wireless Is Closing A Third Of Its US Call Centers, Will Customer Support Suffer?

Joe Paonessa - Mar 16, 2018
One of the complaints MVNO customers often have is that their customer support experience is not as good compared to the experience offered by a major wireless carrier. Unfortunately, at least one major wireless carrier may be about to take a step backwards in that department. Verizon Wireless recently announced
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Verizon Updates Prepaid Plans For 2018

Verizon Wireless Adds New $30 Prepaid Plan And Lowers Price Of Prepaid Unlimited Data Plan

Joe Paonessa - Feb 16, 2018
Verizon Wireless announced today that it is updating its prepaid wireless plans effective February 20, 2018.  Major changes include the addition of a new plan, an option to add Travel Pass for use in Canada and Mexico, a price reduction and the addition of mobile hotspot to the unlimited data
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Verizon Prepaid Samsung Galaxy J1 On Sale At Best Buy

Save $48, Verizon Prepaid’s Samsung Galaxy J1 Is On Sale For $31.99 At Best Buy

Joe Paonessa - Oct 15, 2017
Verizon Prepaid’s Samsung Galaxy J1 is currently on sale at Best Buy for $31.99.  Normally the retail store sells it for $79.99, so that is a savings of $48 off of the regular retail price.  The next best price I could find online comes from Walmart where it is on
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Target 20 Percent Off Verizon Prepaid Refill Cards

BOGO 20% Off On Verizon Prepaid Refill Cards From Target

Joe Paonessa - Oct 15, 2017
A couple of weeks ago Target offered a 25% off BOGO on Cricket Wireless refill cards.  This week’s prepaid deal from the retail giant is for Verizon Wireless prepaid airtime cards. Those that purchase a Verizon Wireless prepaid refill card will get a second one for 20% off.  Verizon Wireless
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Verizon Introduces Prepaid Family Plans

Verizon Prepaid Now Has Family Plan Discounts, Up T0 $80 In Monthly Savings Offered

Joe Paonessa - Oct 3, 2017
Verizon Prepaid has just added more value to its prepaid phone plans today by offering its customers the ability to save money with a family plan.  Customers can now save up to $20 per line on a multi-line account depending on which plan they subscribe to. Currently Verizon offers 4
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Verizon Wireless Get Up To $300 Dollars Off An iPhone 8

Verizon Deals, Get $300 Off An iPhone 8 Or 50% Off Samsung Galaxy Note 8 With Trade In, And Other Special Offers

Joe Paonessa - Sep 22, 2017
Verizon Wireless has announced a few special offers on select devices. Current Big Red customers can trade in one of several devices and get an iPhone 8 for $300 off when they switch to an unlimited data plan.  New customers can get the same deal by signing up for an
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Verizon Wireless Introduces New Unlimited LTE Data Plans

Verizon Replaces Its Unlimited LTE Data Plan With 3 New Unlimited LTE Plans To Confuse Consumers

Joe Paonessa - Aug 22, 2017
Verizon.  What are you doing? That’s a question that many are asking today, and many more will later ask a similar question when they head into their local Verizon stores. Prior to today, Verizon offered just one postpaid unlimited LTE data plan that was very easy to understand.  Subscribers paid
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Verizon MVNOs No Longer Speed Throttled

Has Verizon Removed The LTE Speed Limitations Placed On Its MVNO’s?

Joe Paonessa - Jul 5, 2017
Over the past few weeks I’ve noted around the web that users of TracFone based Verizon MVNO’s have been reporting that they have been experiencing LTE speeds much faster than the 5 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload that Verizon restricts them to. The latest report came yesterday from a
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Select Verizon Prepaid Plans Include Bonus Data From Walmart

Those Who Signup With Verizon Prepaid Through Walmart Continue To Get 2GB Of Free Data On Select Plans

Joe Paonessa - Jun 11, 2017
A week ago Verizon announced that it tweaked its prepaid wireless plans, adding more data to some cell phone plans while lowering the cost of another.  The $40 plan got a data bump to 3 GB up from 2 GB, the $50 plan got a bump to 7 GB up
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Verizon Wireless Logo

Verizon Adds More Data To Prepaid Plans, Color Me Unimpressed

Joe Paonessa - Jun 2, 2017
Verizon has added more data to its prepaid plans, and I say big whoop.  They’re simply unimpressive and noncompetitive, but’s lets have a look at the changes before we continue to shake our heads at them. Verizon’s Updated Prepaid Plans All plans include unlimited talk and text.  The plan changes
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Verizon Wireless Offers New 2 GB Prepaid Plan

Verizon’s Latest Prepaid Offering Features 2 GB Of Data For $40

Joe Paonessa - Feb 21, 2017
Verizon went live today with a brand new prepaid plan, or lowered the price of a previous offering depending on how you want to look at it. The new plan features unlimited talk, text and data with the first 2 GB at full 4G LTE speeds before they get reduced
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Verizon Wireless Brings Back Unlimited Data Plan

Verizon Wireless Does A 180, Brings Back Unlimited Data Plan

Joe Paonessa - Feb 13, 2017
Just a few months ago Verizon’s CFO Fram Shammo shouted: “You cannot make money on an unlimited video world…………At the end of the day, people don’t need unlimited plans.” 1)Cnet It seems Fram Shammo is eating his words, as Verizon has decided to indeed go ahead and launch an unlimited
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Verizon Prepaid Walmart Exclusive Plans Not Include More Data

Walmart Exclusive Verizon Prepaid Plans Now Include More Data, 7 GB For $50 And 12 GB For $70

Joe Paonessa - Nov 24, 2016
About a month ago, Verizon and Walmart together launched Walmart exclusive Verizon Prepaid plans.  At launch those plans came with 5 GB of data for $50/month and 10 GB for $70/month.  Both plans also included unlimited talk, text and international text with data carryover for one billing cycle.  The $70
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