Verizon Prepaid Offering New $10/Month Online Exclusive Discount

Verizon Prepaid Offering Massive Discounts, Get 16GB Of Data For $35/Month

Joe Paonessa – May 8, 2020
Well, Verizon Prepaid has finally done it and changed up their promotions. The carrier has had a long-running double data promo, and although that remains intact, some plans now come with a massive discount. Verizon’s $70 unlimited LTE data plan and $50 plan with 16GB of high-speed data now both
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Verizon Prepaid Unlimited Plan Dealer Exclusive

Verizon Prepaid Dealers Have Unlimited LTE Data Plan For $50/Month

Joe Paonessa – Mar 18, 2020
Starting 3/18/2020, new Verizon Prepaid customers will be able to pick up an unlimited plan for $55/month or $50 when a $5/month autopay discount is applied.  This is a dealer exclusive offer and it is not available on the Verizon Wireless website or in a Verizon Wireless retail store.  The
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Verizon Launches Yahoo Mobile, Visible Rebranded

Verizon Launches Yahoo Mobile, Will It Be A Success?

Joe Paonessa – Mar 11, 2020
Verizon is making a move to try and further monetize its Yahoo user base with the launch of a new wireless brand, Yahoo Mobile.  Yahoo is owned by Verizon and according to Alexa Site Info, it is the 5th most popular website in the USA as measured by traffic and
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Verizon Prepaid Now Offering $60 Account Credits To New Customers That Port-In

Verizon Prepaid Offering $60 Account Credit To Port-Ins

Joe Paonessa – Nov 19, 2019
Verizon Prepaid has launched a new promo today.  Customers that switch over to Verizon Prepaid will receive a $60 account credit when they port-in to plans priced $50 or higher. $60 Account Credit Port-In Promo Details And Fine Print This offer is scheduled to be available until January 31st, 2020
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Select Verizon Prepaid Dealers Offering Account Credits And Free Moto E4

Select Verizon Prepaid Dealers Offering $45 Account Credits And Free Moto E4 To New Customers

Joe Paonessa – Oct 4, 2019
How do you make Verizon Prepaid’s double data offer even better?  You give new subscribers a $45 account credit when they activate on a Verizon Prepaid plan priced $50 or higher and/or a free Moto E4 for activating on a plan priced $40 or higher.  That’s the deal going on
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Verizon Prepaid Double Data For Life Offer Returns To VIDAPAY Dealers

Verizon Prepaid Once Again Offering Double Data For Life

Joe Paonessa – May 20, 2019
Verizon Prepaid has a couple of offers expiring today/tomorrow.  One is the discontinuation of a $65 unlimited hotspot data plan, and the other is a bonus data offer on Verizon Prepaid’s $45 plan. The bonus data offer gives customers an extra 7GB of data to use with the plan for
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Verizon Prepaid's Unlimited Hotspot Plan Is Being Discontinued

Verizon Prepaid’s $65 Unlimited Hotspot Plan Is Going Away On May 21st

Joe Paonessa – May 15, 2019
A few weeks ago, Verizon’s $65 prepaid unlimited LTE data hotspot (Tablet & jetpack) plan, disappeared from the main part of the Verizon Prepaid website.  This led some to speculate that the plan was going to be no longer offered.  Today, BestMVNO has learned from a Verizon Prepaid dealer that
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Verizon Wireless Announces Just Kids Phone Plan

Verizon Wireless Announces Just Kids, A Phone Plan For Kids

Joe Paonessa – Apr 2, 2019
Verizon Wireless has announced a new phone plan designed for children, complete with strings attached.  The new plan is called “Just Kids” and pricing for the plan starts at $55/month with lower pricing available to those who have more lines in their account.  The plan will launch this Thursday, April
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Verizon Prepaid Now Offering 15GB Of Data For $45/Month

Verizon Prepaid Now Offering 15GB Of Data For $45/Month

Joe Paonessa – Jan 24, 2019
Yesterday, Verizon prepaid launched a new $55 unlimited plan through select dealerships.  Today, Verizon has a new prepaid offer on its website.  Customers who enroll in Verizon’s $50 prepaid plan and enable auto pay on their account will get bonus data.  The plan normally includes 8GB of LTE data but
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VIDAPAY Dealers Offering A Verizon Prepaid Unlimited Plan For $55

$55 Verizon Prepaid Unlimited Data Plan Launching Exclusively Through VIDAPAY Dealers

Joe Paonessa – Jan 23, 2019
VIDAPAY and ePay are online software platforms that provide prepaid wireless dealers with an all-in-one solution for activating SIM cards and managing their prepaid wireless accounts.  Those using the VIDAPAY platform have in the past been privy to exclusive deals on Verizon prepaid.  Twice last year Verizon launched double data for
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At Least One Verizon Prepaid Dealer Selling Discounted iPhones

Select Verizon Prepaid Dealers May Have iPhone 6 For $99, SE $75

Joe Paonessa – Dec 11, 2018
It seems like devices of yesteryear, mainly the iPhone 6, 6S and SE are once again being promoted as hot deals this holiday season.  Metro is giving away the iPhone 6s and SE for free to new customers.  Boost Mobile has the iPhone 6 for $29.99, while AT&T Prepaid has
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Verizon's Prepaid Wireless Plans Get Updated

Verizon Prepaid Updates Plans With Auto-Pay Discount, More Data, No Data Carryover

Joe Paonessa – Nov 6, 2018
Verizon Wireless has updated its prepaid wireless plans.  Highlighted changes include more data on one plan, the removal of another, and all plans are now priced $5 cheaper when auto-pay billing is enabled.  Auto-pay billing and on time payments were previously used to reward subscribers with data carryover.  However data
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Those Living In Bay Or Gulf Counties In Florida Will Get 3 Months Of Free Wireless Service

Verizon Wireless Offering 3 Months Of Free Service To Some Customers Impacted By Hurricane Michael

Joe Paonessa – Oct 17, 2018
Verizon Wireless customers residing in Bay and Gulf counties Florida will automatically be credited with 3 months of mobile phone service for each line they have.  The free service is being offered to help those impacted by Hurricane Michael.  Both Verizon Wireless consumer and business accounts will receive the credits.
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VIDAPAY Dealers Again Offering Double Data For Life With Verizon Prepaid

Verizon Prepaid Brings Back Double Data For Life Through VIDAPAY Dealers

Joe Paonessa – Sep 7, 2018
Back in May, Verizon Prepaid dealers using the VIDAPAY platform were privy to a special promotion from Verizon.  Subscribers who signed up for a prepaid plan through a participating dealer got double data for life.  Locating a dealer at that time proved to be a difficult task.  Later, Verizon went
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Verizon Wireless Introduces Safe Wi-Fi VPN And New Prepaid Plan Promotion

Verizon Announces Safe Wi-Fi VPN, Prepaid Promo Featuring 4 Lines With 3GB LTE Data For $100

Joe Paonessa – Jul 27, 2018
Verizon Wireless introduced a new feature today available for its postpaid subscribers.  The new feature is a VPN called Safe Wi-Fi.  It can be used to hide your IP address and protect your privacy while you are browsing on a public network.  It will cost subscribers $3.99/month.  The carrier also
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