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Verizon Prepaid Has 10GB Bonus Data For Life Offer At Walmart

Verizon Prepaid New Walmart Bonus Data Offer
Verizon Prepaid New Walmart Bonus Data Offer
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Verizon Prepaid has a new offer out at Walmart. Analysts at the firm Wave7 Research recently spotted the deal while preparing a report to send out to its subscribers. It's another bonus data deal, something that Verizon has a history of offering through the store. The latest iteration of the deal gives new lines of service an extra 10GB of data to use each month on Verizon's $50 prepaid plan. The $50 prepaid plan normally includes 15GB of high-speed data but gets increased to 25GB through the Walmart offer. In addition to the plan offer, Verizon Prepaid is also offering discounts on select devices from Motorola when purchased through Walmart. Customers can get $50 off the Motorola E and E6 lowering their prices to $59 and $24 respectively.

Plan Offer Highlights And Details

This offer is currently scheduled to end on 6/30/21. It does require a new line with the $50 plan on a phone OR SIM card purchased at Walmart. The bonus data will immediately be available once activated. It will not appear in the customer's shopping cart if they are doing the transaction online. The bonus data allotment is for life as long as the subscriber stays active on the plan. Subscribers that change plans will lose the bonus data. The plan is eligible for Verizon Prepaid loyalty discounts.

The $50 plan with Walmart bonus data includes unlimited talk, text, and data, but only the first 25GB each month is available at high-speeds before throttling to 128Kbps. Mobile hotspot is also included as is unlimited texting to over 200 countries and calling to Mexico and Canada. Video streaming is limited to a resolution of 480p. A maximum of 10-lines is allowed on a Verizon Prepaid account. Customers that enable auto-pay in their accounts will pay $45 for their second month of service. Subscribers that stay on the plan for 4 months with autopay will pay $40/month, and after 9 months the price of the plan will drop down to $35/month. Taxes and fees cost extra.

$50 Off Motorola Phone Details

The $50 off the Moto E and E6 deals at Walmart are stackable with the bonus data plan offer. The phone promo is scheduled to run until 6/15/21 and requires customers to activate in-store and purchase $50 in airtime.

Editor's Take

Walmart seems to be the favorite retail store for prepaid providers. Multiple providers either have or have had Walmart-only bonus data promos.

One other current provider with such a promo is AT&T Prepaid. Customers who subscribe to AT&T Prepaid's $40 plan normally get 15GB of high-speed data, but if purchased through Walmart it includes 25GB of high-speed data.

It seems pretty clear which customer and provider Verizon Prepaid is trying to compete against with its new Walmart bonus data offer. Of course, the AT&T Prepaid plan doesn't require customers to stay on the plan for more than 9 months to get the best pricing. AT&T Prepaid's plan also comes with multi-line discounts whereas the Verizon Prepaid plan does not. AT&T's plan also has the edge over Verizon's in that it includes talk, text, and data usage in Mexico and Canada, rollover data, and spam and fraud protection. Finally, AT&T Prepaid's plan also includes sponsored data. With sponsored data, as AT&T describes it, subscribers "can browse, stream, and enjoy content from our data sponsors on a compatible device while using the AT&T domestic wireless network without impacting your monthly data balance." So although Verizon may be trying to take some potential prepaid customers away from AT&T, it seems there is still room for Verizon to improve its Walmart prepaid offering to better compete against AT&T's.

Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research has a different take on the new Verizon Prepaid Walmart offers and added: "Verizon prepaid has its cards on the table for tax season. An extra 10GB with the $35/month plan at Walmart plan for a total of 25GB, plus a $50 discount on Motorola phones. This seems to be a bit more competitive than AT&T Prepaid's new tax season offer at Walmart of 10GB in bonus data for a total of 25GB at a $40/month price point, but the full savings are only realized after nine months."

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