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US Mobile Prime Day 2021 Deals
US Mobile Is Launching An Amazon Prime Day Promo That Could Save You $250
Joe Paonessa - Jun 17, 2021
Earlier today, US Mobile teased on social media that it may offer an Amazon Prime Day Promo. The MVNO put up a poll on Twitter asking its followers if they should offer one. Should US Mobile do an Amazon Prime Day Promo? ???? — US Mobile (@USMobile) June 17, 2021
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US Mobile Launches Pooled Data Plans
US Mobile Launches Shared Data Plans
Joe Paonessa - Apr 28, 2021
US Mobile has launched shared or “pooled” data plans. The company has been planning them for quite some time. In early March of 2021, US Mobile’s CEO Ahmed Khattak disclosed in a podcast their pending launch. How US Mobile’s Pooled Data Plans Work The new pooled plans work like this.
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Consumer Cellular, A Proven Model For MVNO Success
How 4 Major MVNOs Achieved Success By Differentiating From Competitors
Joe Paonessa - Mar 15, 2021
The U.S. MVNO marketplace is filled with competition and MVNOs with weak hands are not destined to last. As Jon Horovitz recently pointed out, the path to long-term survival and success in the market is differentiation. MVNOs must find a way to offer services that are unique in the space
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US Mobile Now Offers Truly Unlimited Data Plans With All-In Pricing
US Mobile Launches Truly Unlimited Data Plan On Its Super LTE Network
Joe Paonessa - Mar 8, 2021
US Mobile has launched truly unlimited data plans on its Super LTE network starting at $45/month. The announcement was made today in a blog post that was released by the provider. Its GSM network unlimited plans remain capped at 50GB before “a tiny fraction of heavier data users may notice
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US Mobile's Unlimited Plans Now Include Faster Throttled Data Speeds
Throttled Data On US Mobile’s Unlimited Plans Increased Up To 1Mbps
Joe Paonessa - Feb 16, 2021
US Mobile continues to be on fire with greatly improved plans. A couple of weeks ago, the company released some exciting new plans featuring a $20/month plan with 12GB of hard-capped data. It’s one of the best-valued plans on the market. The MVNO also offers what it calls unlimited plans
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US Mobile First Major Updates Of 2021 Include New Plans And Features
US Mobile Plan Updates Are Huge; Get 12GB Data For $20
Joe Paonessa - Feb 5, 2021
US Mobile has announced some really great phone plan updates. One eye-popping new offer is an unlimited talk and text plan with a whopping 12GB of data for just $20/month. The updates are a follow up to plan changes that US Mobile pushed out back in December. In December, a
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US Mobile's Updated Plans Feature 30GB Data For $30
US Mobile Now Offers Whopping 30GB Of Data For $30/Month
Joe Paonessa - Dec 16, 2020
Back in September, US Mobile debuted a couple of new plans with hard capped data. A $15 plan with 2.5GB of high-speed data and a $30 plan with 10GB of high-speed data were introduced. Today the provider has issued a massive update to each of those plans. The $15 plan
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US Mobile Launches Usage Analytics, Gives Subscribers Insights To Their Usage Patterns
US Mobile Launches “Usage Analytics” To Help Customers Find The Best Plan For Their Needs
Joe Paonessa - Oct 30, 2020
US Mobile has launched a new feature that it’s calling Usage Analytics. Usage Analytics will provide US Mobile’s subscribers with near real-time and historical data about how they use their devices. Customers will get a breakdown of their daily, weekly, and monthly usage habits. The feature will be available to
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US Mobile Now Offering Family Plan Discounts
US Mobile Intros 4 Unlimited Lines For $110, And New Single Line Plans
Joe Paonessa - Sep 4, 2020
US Mobile has updated its phone plans to become even more competitive in an industry that is overflowing with competition. The MVNO has got some new single line plans that start at $15/month and has updated its family plan offerings to include multi-line discounts. A family of 4 can now
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US Mobile Announces Upcoming 5G Network & Associated Plan
US Mobile Announces Upcoming 5G Network & Unlimited Plan, Get Early Access 3 Months For $100
Joe Paonessa - Apr 18, 2020
The time for 5G MVNO network access is upon us.  From what I understand, all T-Mobile based providers already have access to T-Mobile’s 5G network, but not all advertise it.  AT&T MVNOs seem to be mostly quiet about it and Verizon MVNOs just started announcing access to Verizon’s 5G network.
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US Mobile Phone Plans Have Been Updated And Improved
US Mobile Announces Major Plan Updates, Cheaper Pricing, And Multi-line Unlimited Plans With Disney+, Netflix And More
Joe Paonessa - Dec 10, 2019
US Mobile has updated its wireless plans in a big way.  Pricing and features on both the company’s unlimited plans and custom build plans have been greatly improved. US Mobile is now offering perks to those who have more than a single line on an unlimited data plan, and the
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US Mobile Updates Phone Plans For The Second Time In Two Months
US Mobile Updates Plans, Unlimited Talk & Text Reverts Back To $10/Month
Joe Paonessa - Sep 23, 2019
Just one month ago, US Mobile updated its unlimited wireless plans.  As a whole, the changes resulted in significantly higher pricing for subscribers.  One unlimited plan got a price increase of $15/month.  Some new talk and text plan options were also introduced with pricing largely considered to be unfavorable compared
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Bring Your Own iPhone 11 To US Mobile And Get $250 Back
US Mobile Offers $250 Back When You Bring An iPhone 11 Series Phone To The Network
Joe Paonessa - Sep 17, 2019
US Mobile is one of the first MVNOs to offer a deal revolving around the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 11 series of devices.  Customers who bring their own qualifying device to the network will receive up to $250 back in the form of monthly account credits. US Mobile iPhone
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US Mobile Unlimited Plans Have Been Updated
US Mobile Raises Prices Of Unlimited Plans, Unlimited Talk And Data Subscribers Impacted The Most
Joe Paonessa - Aug 26, 2019
A week ago US Mobile announced it was growing at a rapid pace.  Over the past 3 years, the company grew revenue by over 3,300%.  But are things about to slow down for this MVNO?  Perhaps. Post announcement of the massive revenue growth, US Mobile updated the pricing of its
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US Mobile Is Growing Rapidly, Looks To Connectivity OS To Power Future Growth
US Mobile Announces 3 Year Revenue Growth Of 3,388%, 2018 Revenue Of $7.3 Million
Joe Paonessa - Aug 21, 2019
US Mobile launched as an MVNO nearly 5 years ago, and since that time the company has been growing at a rapid pace.  US Mobile is growing so fast that it just made INC’s 2019 list of the 5000 fastest-growing privately held companies in America.  Over the past 3 years,
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