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US Mobile Updates Plans, You Can Now Get 15GB For $20/Mo

US Mobile Adds More Data To Plans
US Mobile Adds More Data To Plans
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US Mobile has just updated some of its plans to offer even better value. One eye-catching change is that US Mobile's $20 plan with 12GB of data just got a data increase to 15GB with no change in price. US Mobile has also launched a new starter plan for low-usage customers. The starter plan will cost $5/month for 500MB of high-speed data, 2500 minutes, and 2500 text messages.

US Mobile does charge extra for taxes and fees. Those charges include a $2 service fee and an additional regulatory cost recovery fee of $1-$5 per line. With those fees in tow, the typical customer is going to end up paying about $8.5/month for the starter plan.

Additionally, the company recently announced that they've crossed $50m in run rate. That's double the rate of the prior year representing great growth for the MVNO. It's projected to continue for 2023. Earlier this year, the company's CEO, Ahmed Khattak, projected a $100m run rate for 2023. With that growth, the company is once again going on a hiring spree and is looking to fill over a dozen positions.

Additional US Mobile Plan Updates

US Mobile has made a few other welcomed changes to its phone plans. Here's a full summary of what's changed:

  • $12/month - 2GB high-speed data, previously included 1GB
  • $20/month - 15GB, previously 12GB
  • $25/month - 25GB, previously 18GB
  • $35/month - 40GB high-speed data, plus 5GB hotspot. Previously included 30GB and no hotspot. This change is for the Warp 5G (Verizon) network based plans only. T-Mobile based plans have not changed and still include 25GB of high-speed data.

All plans include unlimited talk and text. Only the $35 plan includes unlimited slowed data once the high-speed data threshold has been reached. The other plans include hard-capped data and no hotspot, however, the price of the hotspot add-on has dropped. Subscribers can now add hotspot to their plans for an additional $2/month down from $5/month.

Additionally, Warp 5G customers on an unlimited plan or pooled/shared data plan now get free international outbound texting.

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