US Mobile Unlimited Plans Have Been Updated

US Mobile Raises Prices Of Unlimited Plans, Unlimited Talk And Data Subscribers Impacted The Most

Joe Paonessa - Aug 26, 2019
A week ago US Mobile announced it was growing at a rapid pace.  Over the past 3 years, the company grew revenue by over 3,300%.  But are things about to slow down for this MVNO?  Perhaps. Post announcement of the massive revenue growth, US Mobile updated the pricing of its
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US Mobile Is Growing Rapidly, Looks To Connectivity OS To Power Future Growth

US Mobile Announces 3 Year Revenue Growth Of 3,388%, 2018 Revenue Of $7.3 Million

Joe Paonessa - Aug 21, 2019
US Mobile launched as an MVNO nearly 5 years ago, and since that time the company has been growing at a rapid pace.  US Mobile is growing so fast that it just made INC’s 2019 list of the 5000 fastest-growing privately held companies in America.  Over the past 3 years,
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US Mobile Now Offering CDMALess Service

US Mobile Is The First MVNO To Offer CDMALess Calling And Texting On America’s Most Reliable 4G LTE Network

Joe Paonessa - Jul 4, 2019
US Mobile is the first MVNO in the USA to offer CDMALess calling and texting on the network its Super LTE Network plans operate on.  US Mobile does not disclose what network its Super LTE Network plans operate on, however, the tagline the company uses to describe the plans is “most reliable 4G
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Bring Your New Samsung Galaxy S10 To US Mobile And Get Up To $200 In Monthly Bill Credits

US Mobile Giving $200 Back To Those Who Bring Their Own Samsung Galaxy S10 To The Network

Joe Paonessa - Mar 12, 2019
US Mobile is now running a promotion around the Samsung Galaxy S10 series of devices.  Those who bring their own to the network will receive $200 in account credits. How Does The Offer Work? This one is pretty straight forward.  New customers who activate a new line or port a
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US Mobile Is Now Cash Flow Positive With 50,000 Subscribers

US Mobile Now Has 50,000 Subscribers And Expects Over $10 Million In Revenues

Joe Paonessa - Oct 12, 2018
According to commentary provided to Fierce Wireless by US Mobile CEO Ahmed Khattak, US Mobile now has around 50,000 unique subscribers.  The announcement comes hot on the heels of the MVNO’s recent reconfiguration of its phone plans.  US Mobile now offers unified phone plans on the Verizon and T-Mobile networks.
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US Mobile Updates Phone Plans Unlimited Data Now Available On All Partner Networks

US Mobile Updates Plans, Unlimited Data Now Available On Two Networks Starting At $40/Month

Joe Paonessa - Oct 4, 2018
US Mobile unveiled some new phone plans today.  The T-Mobile and Verizon MVNO has unified its offerings.  Previously pricing and plans differed depending on which network you subscribed to.  Unlimited LTE data was not even an option for the T-Mobile network based plans, but is now available with the new
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US Mobile Half Off For 6 Months Promo

US Mobile Offers 6 Months Of Service At 50% Off, Get Unlimited Talk, Text, And LTE Data For $21/Month On The Verizon Network

Joe Paonessa - Nov 22, 2017
US Mobile runs on both the T-Mobile and Verizon networks.  The company only launched service on the Verizon network a few weeks ago. To help attract customers to its new plans, the MVNO is running a 50% off special when coupon code cheapskate is used to purchase a $3.99 SIM card.
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US Mobile Set To Launch New Plans And Service On What Is Likely The Verizon Network

US Mobile Launches On The Verizon Network, Offers Unlimited Data Plans With Choose Your Own Speed!

Joe Paonessa - Oct 30, 2017
Several months ago US Mobile said it was going to launch on the nations largest LTE network over the summer.  Summer came and went without an actual launch leaving some to wonder if the plan had fallen through. I now have confirmation that today, US Mobile is launching on what
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US Mobile Launches Wi-Fi Only Plan

US Mobile Announces $10 WiFi Only Plan With Worldwide Availability Including In Flight

Joe Paonessa - Jul 26, 2017
US Mobile has announced today that they will be offering an unlimited global WiFi plan priced at just $10/month.  Those who subscribe to the plan will gain access to 60+ million WiFi hotspots encompassing over 120 countries.  Over 35 million of those hotspots are located in the USA.  The plan
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US Mobile Updates Phone Plans In July 2017

US Mobile Decreases The Amount Of Data Included With Select Plans

Joe Paonessa - Jul 17, 2017
It looks like US Mobile’s stellar offering of a whopping 10 GB of data for $32/month proved to be too costly to maintain as the T-Mobile and soon to be Verizon MVNO announced some changes to its plans today. US Mobile offers its customers the ability to custom build their
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US Mobile Launches New Website And Features June 2017

US Mobile Updates Website, Makes Account Management Easier

Joe Paonessa - Jun 19, 2017
US Mobile has been very busy lately working to improve its business on all fronts. Just a couple of months ago US Mobile updated its cell phone plans.  Shortly thereafter an announcement was made that they were adding a new unnamed network partner that in all likelihood is Verizon.  They were able
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US Mobile Launches Service On Verizon Network Summer 2017

US Mobile Appears To Be Partnering With Verizon, Get 10GB Of 4G LTE Data For $30/Month

Joe Paonessa - May 18, 2017
US Mobile has announced on their website that they have partnered with “the biggest and most dependable 4G LTE network in America” which I take to mean Verizon, since that is essentially Verizon’s tagline. US Mobile with its new network partner, becomes the first provider in the USA to be
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Comparison of US Mobile and TIng

Comparison of US Mobile and Ting

Joe Paonessa - May 1, 2017
Originally Published: Jan 11, 2015 Updated: May 1, 2017 with New US Mobile Pricing        A few months ago we reported on the inception of a new MVNO, US Mobile.  US Mobile seems to be T-Mobile’s answer to Ting Wireless, a provider of prepaid wireless plans on the Sprint
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US Mobile Logo

US Mobile Updates Plans, Featuring A Whopping 6 GB Of LTE Data For Just $25/Month

Joe Paonessa - Apr 18, 2017
US Mobile is a T-Mobile MVNO that began offering service in 2014.  The company operates in a fashion that is similar to both Tello, and Ting, in that it offers its customers the ability to custom build their own phone plans.  Today, the company wrote in to BestMVNO to give notice
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US Mobile Logo

US Mobile Updates Plans To Feature 6 GB of 4G LTE Data For $35/Month

Joe Paonessa - Apr 24, 2016
US Mobile, a T-Mobile MVNO that has been picking up steam as of late, has updated a couple of its plans that should peak the interest of some readers here at For those that don’t know, US Mobile is one of just a few MVNO’s that offer A La
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