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US Mobile Testing Internal Number Port Network Switching Tool
US Mobile Launches Manual Network Switching Tool
Joe Paonessa - May 6, 2024
US Mobile has launched a new manual network switching tool. The company is tentatively calling it TelePortal. The tool is currently in beta testing, and US Mobile’s founder, Ahmed Khattak, has asked Reddit users to help name the feature. Hat tip to Stetson Doggett for pointing this change out to
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US Mobile Adds Annual Plan Option To Home Phone Plan
US Mobile Continues Annual Plan Push, Raises Monthly Rate Of Home Phone Plan
Joe Paonessa - Feb 8, 2024
In October 2023, BestMVNO reported that US Mobile launched a landline Home Phone plan. The launch rate was $9.99/month for unlimited calling, voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, and conference calling. Taxes and fees were included in the price. US Mobile does not disclose what cellular network their Home Phone plan
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US Mobile Beta Tests $15 Dual SIM Add-On So You Can Use Your Unlimited Data Plan Across Multiple Networks
US Mobile Beta Tests Dual SIM Add-On: Use Your Data Across Multiple Networks
Joe Paonessa - Feb 7, 2024
US Mobile has launched beta testing of a new plan feature to allow for multi-network use unlimited plans. US Mobile’s flagship unlimited plan costs $50/month for a single line and includes 100GB of data at up to 5G data speeds before throttling to 1Mbps and allows 50GB of hotspot usage.
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US Mobile Launches Annual Discount Plans
US Mobile Shifts Focus To Prepaid Annual Plans, Get 35GB For $23/Month
Joe Paonessa - Dec 18, 2023
US Mobile has updated its wireless plans for the third time since August 2023 or for the fourth time if you want to include the release of US Mobile’s Home Phone plan in October. The latest plan updates see US Mobile shift its focus towards prepaid discount annual plans. US
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US Mobile Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 $20.83/Month Unlimited Starter Plan Offer
US Mobile Black Friday 2023 Deal: $20.83/Mo Unlimited Plan With Annual Prepay
Joe Paonessa - Nov 24, 2023
US Mobile’s Black Friday offer has launched as a teaser to its Cyber Monday deal. Customers can get US Mobile’s Unlimited Starter plan for $20.83/month when they prepay for a year of service at $250. The price includes all taxes and fees. The Unlimited Starter plan includes 30GB of monthly
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US Mobile Launches Home Phone
US Mobile’s $9.99/mo Home Phone Plan Is Live, Targeting Seniors & Businesses
Joe Paonessa - Oct 7, 2023
In the latter half of September, BestMVNO reported an abundance of plan changes taking place at US Mobile. The company updated its phone plans with more data, hotspot,  international features, improved shared data plan rates and more. They also shared a roadmap of additional upcoming changes. One of those changes
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US Mobile Makes Major Changes To Its Plans And GSM Network
US Mobile Adds Hotspot To Unlimited Starter Plan, eSIM For GSM, Automated Top-Ups
Joe Paonessa - Sep 20, 2023
US Mobile announced a plethora of changes today via a Reddit post from its founder Ahmed Khattak. Hotspot has been added to the $25 Unlimited Starter plan and the amount of hotspot has been doubled for its mid-tier unlimited plan. ESIM has been enabled for GSM service, and 5G Standalone
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US Mobile iPhone 15 Launch Service Credit Deals
US Mobile Launches $200 iPhone 15 & $75 iPhone 14 Service Credit Promos
Joe Paonessa - Sep 12, 2023
The iPhone 15 was announced today, and US Mobile immediately announced a deal revolving around the device. Those who purchase the device from US Mobile, and customers who bring their own unlocked iPhone 15 to the network will receive a $200 service credit. Customers buying an iPhone 14 from US
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US Mobile August 2023 Plan Updates
US Mobile Updates Plans With All-In Pricing, Adds New Unlimited Plan And Shareable Data Plans
Joe Paonessa - Aug 1, 2023
For a couple of months, US Mobile had been teasing on Reddit about coming out with new plans and features. And those plans are finally here. To start, data allotments are now the same no matter which network you use US Mobile with, its GSM network (T-Mobile) or Warp 5G
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US Mobile Adds More Data To Plans
US Mobile Updates Plans, You Can Now Get 15GB For $20/Mo
Joe Paonessa - Nov 17, 2022
US Mobile has just updated some of its plans to offer even better value. One eye-catching change is that US Mobile’s $20 plan with 12GB of data just got a data increase to 15GB with no change in price. US Mobile has also launched a new starter plan for low-usage
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US Mobile Adds Unlimited Basic Plan And Free Trial
US Mobile’s Updated Unlimited Plan Costs $35 Includes 10-Day Free Trial
Joe Paonessa - May 18, 2022
At the end of April, US Mobile’s CEO Ahmed Khattak stated in a podcast that two new updated unlimited plans would be released in the coming days. The updates are now here and were announced today in a US Mobile blog post. US Mobile has launched a new plan called
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US Mobile 2022 Company Updates
US Mobile Trials 3-Month Plan Option, Announces Over $11M In New Funding
Joe Paonessa - Apr 29, 2022
US Mobile is the latest wireless provider to test the multi-month plan waters. The company’s founder and CEO Ahmed Khattak disclosed yesterday in the BestPhonePlans podcast that it has been offering a 3-month wireless plan exclusively through Amazon. This follows a similar strategy taken by Boost Mobile last year which
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US Mobile Gains Priority Data Access
US Mobile Adds Priority Data Access To Warp 5G Plans
Joe Paonessa - Mar 24, 2022
US Mobile has added priority data to its Warp 5G plans. The founder and CEO of US Mobile, Ahmed Khattak, has been busy on Reddit over the last 12 hours letting people know of the launch. What Is The Significance Of This Announcement? This announcement mainly has meaning for tech
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US Mobile
US Mobile Has Its First Ad In A NYC Subway
Joe Paonessa - Oct 16, 2021
US Mobile has what appears to be its first publicly placed ad. Twitter user @JayAngelLatigo recently spotted an ad placement on a New York City subway. The ad touts US Mobile’s $15 – 5GB plan and $25 unlimited plan. Not noted in the ad is that in order to get
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US Mobile Has Received $11.5 Million In Series A Funding From Volition Capital
US Mobile Founder Sees Big Things Ahead After $11.5M Investment From Volition Capital
Joe Paonessa - Jul 30, 2021
Early last week, Volition Capital and US Mobile formerly announced a new partnership. Volition Capital, a growth equity firm out of Boston has invested $11.5 million in US Mobile through Series A funding. Investopedia explains Series A funding as typically being used by companies to “further optimize” their “user base
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