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US Mobile Continues Annual Plan Push, Raises Monthly Rate Of Home Phone Plan

US Mobile Adds Annual Plan Option To Home Phone Plan
US Mobile Adds Annual Plan Option To Home Phone Plan
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In October 2023, BestMVNO reported that US Mobile launched a landline Home Phone plan. The launch rate was $9.99/month for unlimited calling, voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, and conference calling. Taxes and fees were included in the price. US Mobile does not disclose what cellular network their Home Phone plan uses to provide service. However, I believe it to be T-Mobile's network for reasons previously outlined here.

Sometime in the last several days, US Mobile has raised the rate of its Home Phone plan, it's now $12.99/month unless you opt to prepay for a year of service in advance. Customers who buy the new annual plan for $119.88/yr can still get it for the original rate of $9.99/month.

US Mobile Has Been Shifting Its Focus Towards Annual Plans

US Mobile first started toying with the idea of annual plans in November 2023, when BestMVNO reported the MVNO released a Black Friday deal. The offer gave customers US Mobile's Unlimited Starter plan for $20.83/month when paid for annually instead of its normal rate of $25/month. Weeks later, the company decided to make annual plan offerings a permanent part of its rate plans. The annual plan offering gave US Mobile a way to raise the rate of its Unlimited Starter plan to $29/month without an annual plan subscription. With an annual plan, the rate is reduced to $23/month. Even though a rate hike was issued, the plan did at least come with a high-speed data increase to 35GB up from 30GB, and doubled the hotspot allowance to 10GB. US Mobile's flagship unlimited plan also got an annual plan option, although its base monthly rate did not increase.

The rate hike to US Mobile's Home Phone plan isn't the only price increase associated with the service. The company increased the cost of its Home Phone Base, which is basically a router that the service goes through, to $89.99. It was previously $50. A Home Phone Base with a cordless phone bundle now costs $139.99. At launch, as can be seen via the Wayback Machine Internet Archives, the bundle rate was just $99.99. The Home Phone Plan does at least still come with a free month of service to customers that buy their Home Phone base from US Mobile.

US Mobile Has Been Tweaking Its Plans Rather Frequently

Those that follow US Mobile closely, will have noticed that the company has been changing its plans every few weeks, sometimes with minor tweaks and sometimes drastically. The annual unlimited phone plans got pricing changes shortly after launching. Multi-line discounts were added to the Starter plan, while the flagship plan got a lower price for its annual plan option. When the annual unlimited plans launched, the company also added annual plan options for two of its cheap limited plans, the Light plan and the Kosher plan. The Kosher plan ended up getting discontinued altogether just several weeks later. More recently, the company announced the launch of a new 10GB annual plan option. The plan costs just $180 a year or an average cost of $15/month. And just the other day BestMVNO noted that US Mobile is testing out the option to add a second SIM to its unlimited plans to give customers the option to use multiple networks with their unlimited plan subscriptions.

Company Growth

The constant plan tweaks are partly a result of US Mobile listening to customer feedback provided on platforms such as Reddit. However, other changes may be a result of US Mobile receiving multiple venture capital infusions. In July 2021, BestMVNO noted that Volition Capital invested $11.5 million in series A funding for US Mobile. And in April 2022, BestMVNO reported US Mobile received an additional $11 million in funding. The firm(s) investing in the company do so in seeking growth from the company and a return on their investments. It would not be surprising if they are giving US Mobile a supportive push to try and quickly find what works best for them in terms of subscriber growth and revenue. And what they are doing may be working. Days ago, US Mobile's founder, Ahmed Khattak, implied on Reddit that his company now has over 300,000 subscribers. The company had 100,000 subscribers when Volition Capital first invested in them.

US Mobile Founder Implies On Reddit The MVNO Now Has Over 300000 Subscribers
US Mobile Founder, Ahmed Khattak, Implies On Reddit The MVNO Now Has Over 300,000 Subscribers


If you are interested in checking out US Mobile's Home Phone plan, you can do that here.

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