TeamTing Motorola E4 Summer 2017 Giveaway

Ting Giving Away 5 Motorola E4’s As Part Of A Contest

Joe Paonessa - Jul 5, 2017
Today, Ting announced a new summer giveaway.  For the entire month of July, Ting will be giving away one Motorola E4 per week for a total of 4, as well as one grand prize consisting of a Motorola E4 plus $250 in Ting credits. To enter the contest, all you
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Ting Wireless Haiku Contest Giveaway

Multiple Prize Giveaway From Ting Featuring $100 And Moto G5 Plus, You Don’t Need To Be A Customer To Win!

Joe Paonessa - May 24, 2017
Updated: 5/24/2017 Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO Ting is currently running a promotional giveaway and it’s pretty easy to enter.  To enter, simply take a screenshot of your home screen and send it over to Ting describing it in Haiku.  For those of you who don’t know what Haiku is, it
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Comparison of US Mobile and TIng

Comparison of US Mobile and Ting

Joe Paonessa - May 1, 2017
Originally Published: Jan 11, 2015 Updated: May 1, 2017 with New US Mobile Pricing        A few months ago we reported on the inception of a new MVNO, US Mobile.  US Mobile seems to be T-Mobile’s answer to Ting Wireless, a provider of prepaid wireless plans on the Sprint
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Ting Motorola Moto G4 Giveaway

Ting Giveaway: Win A Motorola Moto G4

Joe Paonessa - Sep 3, 2016
Ting Mobile, an MVNO that operates on both the T-Mobile and Sprint networks has announced a giveaway.  Three lucky winners will receive brand new GSM compatible Motorola Moto G4’s. The Motorola G4 Features the following: Motorola G4 Specifications 5.5 inch 401 ppi 1080P display 13 MP front facing camera with
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Ting Dashboard

A La Carte Pricing MVNO Ting Lowers Price Of Data Allotments

Joe Paonessa - Aug 6, 2016
Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO Ting, has updated its a la carte data pricing allotments with cheaper data. New Rates Tings new rates are summarized in the chart below with the old pricing model highlighted and crossed out in red. Allotment Size Device Access Charge* Minutes Text Messages Data XS $6
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Samsung Galaxy S7 Ting Giveaway

Ting Giving Away Two Free Galaxy S7’s

Joe Paonessa - May 12, 2016
Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO Ting is giving away two free Samsung Galaxy S7’s as part of a promotion. There are two ways interested parties can qualify to win this contest. Facebook Entry One way is to head on over to Ting’s Facebook page, and watch their Galaxy S7 unboxing video.
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Ting Wireless 4th Quarter 2015 Results Announced

Ting Sees 36% Increase In Number Of Accounts, But Churn Increases Among Its GSM Subscribers

Joe Paonessa - Feb 11, 2016
Ting Mobile has reported a 36% increase in the number of accounts it has compared to 2014.  The number of devices in those accounts increased by 37%. Tings success over the past year was a big reason why its parent company, Tucows, was able to post a 4th quarter profit
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Motorola Moto E Ting Mobile Black Friday

Ting Black Friday Deals

Joe Paonessa - Nov 23, 2015
Ting Mobile, a Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO has hinted at some of its Black Friday deals which will it officially begin selling at 8am EST on Black Friday. Phones Motorola Moto E Ting Mobile Black Friday Deal Ting says that a bunch of its phones will be available with deep
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Ting Logo

Ting Mobile Adds Fewer Subscribers in 3rd Quarter Blames Sprints FED

Joe Paonessa - Nov 7, 2015
Ting Mobile, the Sprint MVNO owned by Tucows has announced that they have added fewer net customers in the third quarter than they did a year ago.  Gross additions however were the best ever for the MVNO. Ting Mobile had 9,000 new accounts and 14,000 devices added for the third
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Ting Mobile Opens Beta Testing Of Its Service as a T-Mobile MVNO

Joe Paonessa - Feb 24, 2015
         Today Ting Mobile announced that anyone who has or presumably purchases one of their GSM based SIM cards can now participate in their open beta program.  I’ve been waiting for this announcement for a while as they previously said service would start in February and although they have
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Ting Logo

Ting Announces the Purchase of A Fiber Optic ISP

Joe Paonessa - Dec 21, 2014
          Ting Wireless recently announced that they are diversifying their business by entering into the Internet Service Provider (ISP) market through the acquisition of a small ISP located in Charlottesville, Virginia called Blue Ridge InternetWorks.  Ting also stated that it has started a new mission to bring gigabit fiber
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Ting Logo

Ting Wireless Adding GSM Service

Joe Paonessa - Dec 11, 2014
     Ting Wireless recently announced that they plan on expanding service by offering plans that operate on a GSM network.  Currently Ting offers no contract cell phone plans that run on Sprint’s network.  The pseudo carrier offers plans a la carte, so you only have to pay for what you
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Ting Logo

Ting Offers to Pay More of your ETF

Joe Paonessa - Dec 2, 2014
     Today Ting, an MVNO operating on the Sprint network, has offered to pay 50% of your early termination fee up to $150 if your willing to switch to their prepaid mobile phone service.  The offer lasts until January 5th,  2015.  Ting also says that if you have a family
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Ting Logo

Bring Your iPhone 5S to Ting

Joe Paonessa - Sep 18, 2014
Ting, an MVNO operating on the Sprint network, recently announced that they are now allowed to activate and provide service to the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.  I say allowed because Sprint often blocks phones that are less than a year old from being activated on MVNO’s.  With the iPhone
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Ting Logo

Ting and Giv Mobile Giving Away Smarthphones

Joe Paonessa - Jun 25, 2014
T-mobile MVNO Giv Mobile is giving away a smartphone for those who sign up for either the $40 or $50 Unlimited Everything plan for two months.  Released in 2012, the Alcatel-OT991 is the smartphone you’d receive by signing up for one of these plans.  The $40 plan includes 250MB 4G/3G
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