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A La Carte Pricing MVNO Ting Lowers Price Of Data Allotments

By Joe Paonessa – Aug 6, 2016
Ting Dashboard
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Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO Ting, has updated its a la carte data pricing allotments with cheaper data.

New Rates

Tings new rates are summarized in the chart below with the old pricing model highlighted and crossed out in red.

Allotment SizeDevice Access Charge*MinutesText MessagesData
XS$6 (1 device)000
S$12 (2 devices)100 $3100 $3100MB $3
M$18 (3 devices)500 $91000 $5500MB $10 ($12)
L$24 (4 devices)1000 $182000 $81GB $16 ($19)
XL$30 (5 devices)2100 $354800 $112GB $20 ($29)
XL+ (each additional)$6more, 1.9¢/minmore 1/4¢$10/GB (1.5¢/MB)

*The device access charge is the price Ting Charges for each device to access its network.


A lower pricing structure is always welcomed, however I still find Ting to be rather costly compared to other MVNO's particularly once you add on the device access charge of $6 and get into the higher service allotments.  Some subscribers to the company find it worth the extra cost due to the acclaimed customer support that Ting provides.  Others like that Ting offers free domestic roaming for voice and text messages something that many MVNO's do not offer.  Still, those really looking for a bargain will likely find better value elsewhere either with another MVNO that provides an a la carte pricing model or with a more traditionally priced MVNO.  You can compare T-Mobile MVNO US Mobile with Ting and see for yourself the potential savings you may find elsewhere with another MVNO that offers a la carte pricing.

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