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TextNow's Stranger Things Themed Spot TV Ad

TextNow Has New “Stranger Things” Influenced TV Ad

Joe Paonessa - Apr 11, 2022
TextNow has recently aired a new TV ad. This comes from a prepaid report just published by the firm Wave7 Research. TextNow’s new TV ad seems to be heavily influenced by and themed after the Netflix hit series “Stranger Things.” The ad launched at the end of March and has
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TextNow Updates Its Plans And Prices For 2022

TextNow Updates Plans, Adds More Options With Improved Pricing

Joe Paonessa - Mar 3, 2022
TextNow has updated its wireless plans with more options and improved pricing. There’s now a 1GB plan for $8.99. It is unknown exactly when the changes occurred. The Wayback Machine does indicate that they are new for 2022. YouTuber TuPhonez4Free recently uploaded a video giving an overview of the plan
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TextNow Millions Of Video Calls Placed

TextNow Boasts Of 12 Million Video Calls Placed

Joe Paonessa - Sep 7, 2021
Wave7 Research noted in a recent prepaid report that TextNow boasted in July that its customers had placed more than 5 million video calls just one month after first launching the video calling service. TextNow first made video calling available through its app in June to coincide with the launch
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TextNow Free Plan Now Available On The T-Mobile Network

TextNow Now Offering Free Service On “GSM” Network

Joe Paonessa - Jun 15, 2021
Early last year, TextNow launched a free ad-supported phone plan on the Sprint network. The plan features unlimited talk and text. With TextNow fully converted over to being a T-Mobile MVNO partner due to T-Mobile’s acquisition of Sprint, starting today, the free plan is now available on the T-Mobile network.
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Total Wireless First TV Commercial Of 2021

Total Wireless’s First TV Ad Of 2021 Touts 5G, TextNow’s New Ad Touts Get A Free 2nd Number

Joe Paonessa - Feb 1, 2021
Wireless service providers Total Wireless and TextNow have launched their first new TV ads of 2021. For Total Wireless, it’s the Tracfone brand’s first new TV ad launch since early last year. The new ad entitled “Student Senior Dance Recital” highlights some recent changes at the provider like 5G network
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TextNow Has A New TV Ad Airing Nationwide

TextNow, Freemium Provider, Continues To Invest Heavily In TV Ads

Joe Paonessa - Dec 16, 2020
Freemium wireless provider TextNow continues to invest heavily in TV advertising. Back in October, the company launched a TV commercial called Priceless Connections. It informed viewers that they offer an unlimited talk and text plan for $0/month. That commercial followed up two other TV commercials that TextNow had aired heavily
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TextNow Has Launched A New Television Commercial

TextNow and Mint Mobile Have Launched New TV Commercials

Joe Paonessa - Oct 26, 2020
A recent prepaid report issued by the firm Wave7 Research detailed new TV commercial ad launches from the wireless brands TextNow and Mint Mobile. The ads are airing on TV stations nationwide. Both brands are smaller sized independently owned MVNOs that are primarily direct to consumer businesses. The advertising is
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TextNow Is One Of Several Prepaid Brands That Have Recently Launched TV Advertising Campaigns

Pure TalkUSA, TextNow And Visible Have All Launched National TV Advertising Campaigns

Joe Paonessa - Jun 19, 2020
There’s been a big shift in the brands that are spending on national TV advertising Wave7 Research recently reported to its subscribers. Lesser known brands such as TextNow and Pure TalkUSA are working to raise consumer awareness of their offerings through the advertisements. Verizon is also upping its spend on
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TextNow Offering Those Impacted By COVID-19 Free Phone And Free Plan

TextNow’s COVID-19 Response Gives Customers Free Phone And Free Plan

Joe Paonessa - Apr 14, 2020
TextNow is a wireless provider that operates on the Sprint network and also over WiFi.  In late January the company unveiled a free wireless plan that it said was years in the making.  The plan makes use of VoIP and the aforementioned networks to offer subscribers unlimited talk and text. 
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TextNow Launches Free Unlimited Talk And Text Phone Service

TextNow Offering Free Unlimited Talk & Text Plan, GSM Services Discontinued

Joe Paonessa - Jan 29, 2020
TextNow has unveiled a new free ad-supported unlimited talk and text plan on the Sprint network. A TextNow spokesperson disclosed to BestMVNO last summer that the plan was on the horizon. The person also mentioned that TextNow’s ad-supported WiFi-only free talk and text plan was a very successful venture for
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TextNow Offering Free Phone Plans With Purchase Of Phone

TextNow Offering Free Plans Until 2019 With Purchase Of Phone, Phones Start At $45

Joe Paonessa - Oct 16, 2018
TextNow has launched a new promotion.  Buy a phone and your phone plan will be free for the remainder of 2018.  Subscribers can choose any plan they’d like.  Phones start at just $44.99.  Plans start at $9.99/month for unlimited talk and text. What Phone Plans Are Available? TextNow sells 4
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TextNow Now Adds Unlimited Data

TextNow Adds “Unlimited” LTE Data Plan For $39.99/Month

Joe Paonessa - Jun 5, 2018
TextNow plans just got a whole lot cheaper with a new phone plan lineup. The head turner of the bunch is a new “unlimited” LTE data plan priced at $39.99/month. So is there a catch with that unlimited LTE data plan? You bet. TextNow’s Updated Phone Plans Explained Before I
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TextNow Starter Plan

TextNow Introduces New Talk And Text Plan For $9.99/Month

Joe Paonessa - Apr 11, 2018
TextNow has announced a new phone plan called the TextNow Starter Plan. The new plan is a talk and text only plan and it is priced at $9.99/month. Taxes and fees are included in the price. TextNow says the new plan is perfect for parents who would like their kids
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TextNow Introduces Family Plan Discounts

TextNow Introduces Family Plan Discounts, Save Up To $15 Per Line

Joe Paonessa - Nov 15, 2017
TextNow has just introduced new family plan discounts.  Those who add two or more lines to an account are eligible to save up to $15 per line.  The size of the discount varies based on which plan a customer subscribes to. TextNow Family Plan Discounts TextNow’s family plan discounts are priced
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TextNow Elastic Calling

TextNow Updates Plans With Up To 50% More Data, Improves Call Quality

Joe Paonessa - Jul 26, 2016
Sprint MVNO TextNow announced a new technology that it calls Elastic Calling which improves on its ability to route calls between WiFi and Cellular networks. TextNow touts itself as the worlds first all IP cloud based mobile phone carrier and the first to offer WiFi to cellular VoIP (data network) hand
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