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Straight Talk News

TCL A1X Is New At Walmart Family Mobile

Tracfone Family Of Brands Have Released New Phones Featuring Samsung Galaxy A10e For $139.99

Joe Paonessa - Oct 4, 2019
Some of the major Tracfone family of brands, which include Straight Talk Wireless, Total Wireless, Tracfone, Simple Mobile and Walmart Family Mobile have refreshed their phone lineups.  A total of nearly a dozen new phones have been released and availability varies based on the wireless brand.  The phone plan lineup
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Moto G7 Power Is One Of Several New Devices Coming To Straight Talk Wireless

TracFone Brands Straight Talk And Walmart Family Mobile Set To Launch Several New Phones

Joe Paonessa - Jun 7, 2019
According to Tracfone brand authority and vlogger Mil Hustles, Straight Talk Wireless and Walmart Family Mobile are set to launch several new devices.  Hustles says that the brands typically launch new devices from June onward until the end of the year. The new devices coming to Straight Talk Wireless include
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Straight Talk Wireless Launches Cut Your Bill In Half Ad Campaign

Straight Talk Wireless Launches “Cut Your Bill In Half” Advertising Campaign

Joe Paonessa - May 9, 2019
Straight Talk Wireless has launched a new advertising campaign.  Wave7 Research is reporting that the MVNO began to air two new television ads on 4/29/19.  One ad, shown below, urges wireless shoppers to “cut their bill in half with Straight Talk Wireless.”  The ad features Straight Talk Wireless’s $45/month plan
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The Straight Talk Wireless LG Premier Pro Is Available For Free At Select Walmart Locations

Straight Talk Wireless Is Offering Free Phone At Walmart, Perhaps For The First Time

Joe Paonessa - Mar 7, 2019
A little over a month ago Straight Talk Wireless began offering the LG Premier Pro for free online through the Straight Talk Wireless website.  Now, Wave7 Research has noted that Straight Talk Wireless is offering the device for free through Walmart in some markets.  What’s interesting here is the firm
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New Multi-Line Plan Coming To Straight Talk Wireless (Photo via Mil Hustles)

Straight Talk Wireless Set To Launch Multi-Line Plan, Get 2 Unlimited Data Lines For $90

Joe Paonessa - Feb 4, 2019
Straight Talk Wireless has been very busy lately.  The MVNO has made a lot of changes to its phone plans over the past few weeks.  Namely, the Tracfone owned provider added more data to its wireless plans.  In fact, one of the plans got a data boost twice in a
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Straight Talk Wireless Updated 2019 Phone Plans To Include More Data

Straight Talk Wireless Plans Now Include More Data

Joe Paonessa - Jan 25, 2019
A few months ago Straight Talk Wireless was offering 50% more data on select plans with the purchase of a phone.  Now those changes have been made permanent.  Straight Talk has also updated its other phone plans to include more data and is now selling some data add-on cards. Straight
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Total Wireless And Straight Talk Wireless Offering 50% More Data To Select Customers

Tracfone Brands Total Wireless And Straight Talk Offering 50% More Data With Some Stipulations

Joe Paonessa - Oct 27, 2018
Tracfone owned brands Total Wireless and Straight Talk are both offering 50% more data to select customers.  Total Wireless customers need to port-in to get the deal.  New Straight Talk Wireless customers get the deal by purchasing a phone. Total Wireless 50% More Data Offer And Plans Explained The Total
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Walmart iPhone 7 Straight Talk Unlimited Data Plan Bundle

Walmart Offering iPhone 7 Unlimited Data Plan Bundle From Straight Talk For $298.99

Joe Paonessa - May 30, 2018
Walmart is currently running a great deal on the iPhone 7 bundled with an unlimited LTE data plan from Straight Talk Wireless.  Together the two items are selling for $298.99.  That’s a savings of $305 compared to having to buy each item separately. The deal even trumps a flash sale
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iPhone 7 Flash Sale At Straight Talk Wireless

Straight Talk And Total Wireless Flash Sale Features $250 Off iPhone 7

Joe Paonessa - May 24, 2018
TracFone owned brands Straight Talk Wireless and Total Wireless are in the middle of a 2 day flash sale.  The sale will end for each provider at the end of the day on 5/25/18. Straight Talk Wireless Offer (Updated: 5/30/18, This offer from Straight Talk will last until 5/31/2018) (Update
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Straight Talk Wireless Website As Of 3-3-2018 Does Not Show A Clear Data Limit On Unlimited Data Plan

Straight Talk Wireless Thinks Unlimited Data Means 60 GB

Joe Paonessa - Mar 3, 2018
Some folks never learn. More than three years after settling a $40 million lawsuit over the improper use of the phrase “unlimited data,” Straight Talk Wireless is at it again. Straight Talk Wireless says its $55 “ultimate unlimited plan” comes with unlimited talk, text and data. However, a couple of Reddit
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TracFone Owned Brands Offering 30% Off Phone + Airtime Purchase Bundles

Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, Net10, TracFone, Total Wireless Offering 30% Off Phone & Airtime Bundles With Free Shipping

Joe Paonessa - Nov 3, 2017
TracFone owned brands Straight Talk and Total Wireless are both offering 30% off select phones with the purchase of an airtime card.  Free overnight shipping is also included.  Keep in mind free overnight shipping with TracFone owned brands often means when the order is ready, it will ship overnight.  Sometimes it
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Get Unlimited LTE Data For $55/Month When You Purchase A Samsung Phone From Straight Talk

Straight Talk Wireless Offering Unlimited LTE Data For $55/Month To Those Who Purchase A Samsung Phone

Joe Paonessa - Sep 27, 2017
Straight Talk Wireless has just launched a new promotion.  Those who purchase a Samsung device in conjunction with Straight Talk’s $55/month plan will get unlimited LTE data with the plan.  The plan normally includes 12 GB of data, although there is a simultaneous promotion going on where those who purchase
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Straight Talk Wireless Adds 2 More GB Of Data To The 45 Dollar Plan

Confirmed! Straight Talk Increases Data On Select Plans, Get 10 GB For $45

Joe Paonessa - Aug 29, 2017
Yesterday, after reading a post on Howard Forums I wrote that there was the possibility that Straight Talk Wireless was about to increase the amount of data included with one of its cell phone plans.  A poster thought he had seen that Walmart was selling Straight Talk SIM’s advertising that
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Simple Mobile Increases Data Included With 40 Dollar Plan

Simple Mobile Ups Data To 6 GB For $30 With Amazon Prime Subscription, Straight Talk Rumored To Have Data Bump As Well

Joe Paonessa - Aug 28, 2017
Simple Mobile, a TracFone owned MVNO that operates on the T-Mobile network, has increased the amount of data included with one of its cell phone plans. The $40/month plan that costs $37.50 with auto pay, or $30 with an Amazon Prime subscription, just got a data bump up to 6
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Straight Talk Wireless $100 Off Samsung Galaxy S

Hot! Straight Talk Wireless Offering $100 Off Both Samsung Galaxy S8 Variants With Purchase Of A Plan

Joe Paonessa - Jul 17, 2017
Straight Talk Wireless is currently running a special on both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.  Those that purchase either device with a phone plan will receive $100 off of the regular price of the phone.  The Galaxy S8+ is being sold for $759 before the $100 discount, while the
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