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Tracfone Brands Including Straight Talk Resume TV Advertising

Straight Talk Wireless New Commercial Touts Hotspot
Straight Talk Wireless New Commercial Touts Hotspot
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The firm Wave7 Research noted in a recent report sent out to its subscribers that Tracfone brands Total Wireless and Straight Talk Wireless have resumed TV advertising following a bit of a hiatus.

Straight Talk is once again airing its "Life's Mishaps" ad that originally ran last year. BestMVNO reported on its airing in November of 2020. There's also a brand new ad out touting Straight Talk's hotspot feature. Simple Mobile and Total Wireless have launched new TV ads as well. All three Tracfone wireless brands are sold at Walmart stores with Straight Talk Wireless being prominently featured.

Straight Talk's New TV Ad "The Hotspot"

Straight Talk's latest ad starts with a voiceover from actor Ed O'Neil that reads "it's time for some Straight Talk." The intro is typical for Straight Talk's television commercials. It then goes on to tell viewers "you've got work to do so you order a latte with a side of free internet. Problem is, everyone is sucking up the free WiFi." O'Neil then informs viewers that they can be their own hotspot with Straight Talk's $55 Ultimate Unlimited Plan. The plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data with 10GB of mobile hotspot. The commercial finishes with O'Neil telling viewers they don't need to find a hotspot, they are the hotspot. You can watch it below.


The other Straight Talk ad that is currently re-airing, "Life's Mishaps" touts Straight Talk's most expensive $65 unlimited plan, "Premium Unlimited" which includes "Mobile Protect." You can view this ad here.

Total Wireless New TV Commercial "Virtual Baby Shower"

Total Wireless's new "Virtual Baby Shower" TV commercial features footage from a commercial called "Invitation" that was airing earlier this year. It shows a couple having a virtual baby shower so that "friends and family around the country can help them celebrate their first baby." The ad pitches to viewers that when they move to Total Wireless they can "get a plan with incredible devices, now with nationwide 5G." Viewers are then told they can get an unlimited talk, text, and data (100GB shareable) plan for $25/line for 4-lines saving them up to $1200 per year. The commercial ends with the Total Wireless's tagline "Total Wireless. Do Amazing."  The TV ad is embedded below.


Simple Mobile's New TV Ads "Waiting" And "Crystal Clear: $30"

Simple Mobile has two new TV ads airing entitled "Waiting" and "Crystal Clear: $30."

The Waiting ad tells viewers that "some things are worth waiting for, other times it's just frustrating, like dealing with those wireless carrier stores." The actor in the ad then ponders the question why all the "waiting just to get stuck in a long term contract?" He carries on by saying that "there's actually another way, it's Simple." Viewers are informed that they can simply head on over to their favorite retail store and switch to Simple Mobile with no hassle or contract. Simple Mobile is carried in retail stores such as Sam's Club, Target, Best Buy and Dollar General among others. The ad pitches Simple Mobile's $50 "truly unlimited high-speed data" plan for $50/month or $45 with autopay for the customer's first 3-months of service. Check it out down below.


The other new ad airing, "Crystal Clear: $30" features a voiceover where the person speaking tells viewers that "at Simple Mobile, we know you don't want complicated. These days, you want things clear. Crystal clear." The ad then pitches Simple Mobile's $30 unlimited plan with 5GB of high-speed data "on a powerful nationwide 5G network." The ad closes with the tagline "Simple Mobile, out with the old, in with the Simple."



Tracfone is the largest independent MVNO provider currently on the market and Tracfone brands collectively have nearly 21 million subscribers. Straight Talk Wireless is the largest of the brands with 9.8 million subscribers. Frequent airings of ads like the ones above help to keep the brands fresh in consumers minds and help to fuel growth. Straight Talk finished the first quarter of 2021 with 200,000 more subscribers than it ended 2020 with. Verizon Wireless is currently seeking regulatory approval to acquire Tracfone and all of its associated brands.

"TracFone brands are usually advertised heavily entering tax season, with advertising subsiding afterwards. The themes of Simple Mobile and Total Wireless are unchanged from last year and Straight Talk's messages -- inclusion of hotspot with its $55/month plan and inclusion of insurance and much else with its $65/month plan -- are similar to what was messaged in late 2020." -- Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research


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