Selectel Wireless Brings Back Domestic Voice Roaming

Verizon MVNO Selectel Wireless Brings Back Domestic Roaming

Joe Paonessa - May 29, 2018
Verizon MVNO Selectel Wireless has revamped its phone plan lineup.  In the past, the company’s claim to fame was that it offered domestic roaming, a feature that it had to get rid of in March of 2017.  The feature has now returned to Selectel with the release of some new
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Selectel Wireless Store Located In Gillette Wyoming

Verizon MVNO Selectel Wireless Adds More Data To Several Plans

Joe Paonessa - Dec 10, 2017
Verizon MVNO Selectel Wireless offers a total of 6 monthly cell phone plans.  Yesterday, three of those cell phone plans got an increase in their high speed data allotments. The following table summarizes Selectel Wireless’s monthly 30 day phone plans with the recent changes highlighted. $15 (3G Phones Only) $20
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Free iPhone 4 With Selectel Wireless

Selectel Wireless Announces New Plans and Free iPhone 4

Joe Paonessa - Jan 15, 2016
Selectel Wireless, a no contract wireless provider operating on Verizon’s network has announced several plan changes as well as a new promotion. First the plan changes: $30 Plan will now Include 1500 voice minutes with unlimited text, and 1GB of 4G LTE data (previously 1300 talk and 500 MB LTE
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Selectel Wireless's 4G LTE Plans Summary

Selectel Wireless Now Offering LTE Data on the Verizon Network

Joe Paonessa - Jun 3, 2015
On June 1st Verizon MVNO Selectel Wireless went live with its 4G LTE plans, although the transition has not been entirely smooth.  Reports indicate that porting numbers has been difficult for dealers who say that porting a number directly to Selectel’s LTE service is not yet possible.  A workaround is
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